Do you plan to make a birthday cake for your kids? If your kids like to play Hot Wheels, you can try to make the hot wheels cake. Buying or order it from the store is the best way to get it. They have many designs you can choose. However, if you love cooking and want to make the cake by yourself, here is what you need to know about Hot Wheels themed birthday cake.

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The Tiers

The Hot Wheels themed cake usually has up to 3 tiers. The more tiers you want to make, it will have more difficulty level. The standard birthday cake with these them is the one tier type. Basically, it looks like a standard birthday cake. You just decorate it with Hot Wheels theme, for example, the color, track image, the car, and others.

The Topping and Decoration

You can use many types of topping and decoration for the cake. The easiest one to add the Hot Wheels theme is by adding the Hot Wheels logo on top of it. It is not difficult to create the logo. You can find the reference on the internet quite easily. However, you also can buy the edible cake decoration in the form of Hot Wheels logo from the store, if you don’t want to spend too much time to make it.

hot wheels treasure hunt logo gold
Hot Wheels Treasure hunt Logo Gold

The car is also another topping you can use on the cake. You can use the real Hot Wheels car on it. However, make sure you create a firm surface to place it. Therefore, it won’t damage the cream and cake under it. The other method is making the edible car from the hot wheels cake ingredient. This is a good choice if your kids are still baby.

The Shape

The common shape of hot wheels cake is round. The round shape also makes it easier to add more tiers on top of it. Moreover, you also can easily decorate it with the 3D track that you build until the upper part of the cake.

The other shape is the number that represents the age of your kids. And, you can use this shape for the track shape. By decorating the top part of that shape with the color or decoration that make it looks like a road, then put Hot Wheels cars on top of it, you get the hot wheels cake for your beloved kids’ birthday. It is easy, isn’t it?