There are two popular explanations of the origin of the name in making Hot Wheels. The first was when Handler talked with Alexandra Laird, a worker in the packing department. At that time Laird was in charge of naming several Mattel products. One day, Handler told Laird about the toy project he was going to work on and asked Laird to write down a few names in which one of them is a boneshaker series. Then Handler murmured while looking for the equivalent of the word big then he hissed: hot wheels.

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The beginning of the hot wheels series

Hot Wheels started in 1968 and is a brand of the toy company, Mattel. At that time, Hot Wheels did not pitch alone. There’s a Matchbox that is also in the toy car business. And beside Elliot, there is another designer like Larry Wood that will be designing a hot wheels series called boneshaker.

The first 11 designs were made by Harry Bentley Brady, who is indeed a real car designer. People call it the Sweet Sixteen, those series were before the boneshaker was made. and then Elliot Handler is one of the founders of Mattel, who was credited with making Hot Wheels.

Since 1968, there have been four billion Hot Wheels units built. Around 41 million people have played this toy car. Newsweek once reported that in 2008, Hot Wheels sales reached $ 1 billion. Hot Wheels are easy to find, from stalls to online sellers, to mini markets spread all over the area at affordable prices. 

The First Boneshaker Production

Of the many types of hot wheels, one of them is the boneshaker series. Produced in 2010 and designed by Larry Wood, boneshaker debuted and became the monster series duo. In its release year, boneshakers are very popular especially bone shaker cars with open roof designs. Because of its popularity, Mattel made another version of it with a closed roof model. They also make the size of hot wheels with a real scale for boneshakers. 

Assouline hot wheels book
Assouline hot wheels book

Then on 2012 Mattel released a Joker version for boneshakers and debuted in several video games, such as Forza Motorsport 6 and Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Boneshaker seris The first is proceduce is made in Malaysia in 2006, and then The boneshaker hot wheels series are produced massively not only in Malaysia but also in Thailand, and China and also In 2019 As for the final series, boneshakers were manufactured still in Malaysia with metallic purple and magenta pearl.

Indonesia Boneshaker Brotherhood

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