Monster Jam is one of the most prestigious motorsport events in the USA, so it is no wonder why Hot Wheels brought their very own Hot Wheels Monster Jam edition to the Hot Wheels race track. This 1:64 miniature of one of the trucks in Monster Jam will definitely be something that collectors want.

Hot Wheels, however, are not known for keeping one rendition of a series. Rather than sticking with the original design, Hot Wheels decided to go all out, producing many designs that are inspired by the Monster Jam. While every true collector would go all out to get their hands on ALL of the Monster Jam cast, there are collectors who are living a bit low in terms of budget. They might not be able to get all of the Monster Jam trucks, wondering about what are the things that they should get first.

We want to help folks who find it hard to find out which of the Hot Wheels Monster Jam is worth a purchase. Below are the Wheels that we find as very much recommendable:

The Grave Digger

The edgiest of the Monster Jam truck is the Grave Digger, a truck with graves as its main theme. Hot Wheels have faithfully miniaturized this truck, making it a Monster Jam truck that you should get. The green colour is eye-catching and the addition of horror-esque picture on the side is surely something that will wow a lot of people. Priced at US$30, this 1:10 rendition of the Grave Digger is both big in size and in the money that you need to pay.

Hot wheels Monster struck Bone Shaker
Hot wheels Monster struck Bone Shaker

The Megalodon

The Megalodon shark is the biggest shark that the world has seen. It was extinct for a while now, but the Monster Jam brought it back in the form of Megalodon truck, a truck that got the body of the infamous Megalodon shark. Instead of killing and eating humpback whales, however, this Megalodon now eats wrecked cars like mites eat woods.

Hot Wheels, of course, got a miniature of the Megalodon truck in its collection, and this unique truck undeniably needs a spot in your collection list. The Megalodon got lots of fans; fans who are willing to let out US$50 just to buy this 1:64 cast. Will you be one of them?

Lastly, we got the Zombie

Zombies are very popular several years back. Now, they are not that popular, yet still there are people who like them. Maybe that is why the Zombie truck from Monster Jam is popular as well. The second carnivorous truck is rendered in 1:64 by Hot Wheels, and nothing more could be said about how precise this rendition is. The Zombie Hot Wheels Monster Jam will cost you at US$26, a tad cheaper compared to the other Monster Jam trucks from Hot Wheels.