Not only famous with its cars collection, Hot Wheels race track sets include a set of accessories which make the game more interesting to play. With the track sets, you not only can play with the cars but also can improve the playing experience with other additional items offered by Hot Wheels. With this playing set, Hot Wheels cars can be played by many people since it is designed with different kinds of tracks allowing some players to compete together. Each sets which is available might be different one another. Hence, players can choose the track sets based on their preference.

When the racing track is made?

Hot Wheels race track sets had been available even since the first line up cars of Hot Wheels launched. Even though that time the set was not as advanced ad these days, Mattel already produced the track sets to complete the cars. Despite the fact that the track is played together with the cars, the racing track set was sold separately that time. The version of tracking sets might be improved from year to year, but the original one comprises a series of road sections which were quite easy to recognize since they come with bright orange color. This part was also combined with elongated and circular race track which include one or more super chargers. This part will push the cars to move along the tracks especially the ones which come with battery-powered wheels. With these additional accessories, players can enjoy more challenging experience.

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

What included in race track sets?

By years, Hot Wheels keep improving the tracking sets of this game. It now does not only comes with various kinds of racing tracks but also other more interesting additional features starting from huge loops to the drastic drop. The little racers will particularly get fascinated when playing with Hot Wheels race track sets. Hot Wheels itself is known to be popular toy car brand which offer adrenaline-challenging experience game. You can find a lot of sets that consists of different kind of tracks so that children are able to make their preferred configuration. Since the sets are completely various, you can choose the one which works best with the skill and age of your children. Some kids might be safer to play with small and simple track while those whose age are older are able to use more complex set to get more professional racing experience. Either it is played individually or used to compete with mates, racing track set from Hot Wheels is interesting to try.

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