Hot Wheel tracks are one of interesting parts when you play Hot Wheel. In the next development, Hot Wheel offers several types of tracks from the easy one up to the difficult one. Even, you can also build your own Hot Wheel track version by using bricks. To make this toy more interesting to play, you should know the list of the track first.

Hot Wheel Flip Tower Track

This track is customization track. Your beloved boys can build their own track to get different challenge and race experience. A set of hot wheel flip tower track is supported by stunts, layouts, and essential pieces. In flip tower track version, your boy is playing with a high voltage tower track. To make it interesting, just build a track and try to take down the tower. One of the obstacles you should face is flipped track. If your car can’t stand with this obstacle, it will be flipped off. The more difficult the track, it will be fun. Let your beloved boys use their imagination while playing with this track.

Hot Wheel Daredevil Drop Stunt

It is also considered as one of popular Hot Wheel tracks. Daredevil drop stunt is a challenging track. The car is run from the top of drop down. The best part is on the leap through the ring of fire. The excitement is not done yet. At the bottom, there are several cars and you have to be careful because it might be knocked your car and you lose.    

Hot Wheel 5-Lane Tower Starter Set

This track is a super tower track. The cool part is that you can use 5 Hot Wheel cars from four different directions. First, the car will be race on sky high ramps, radar tower stunt, jump through flames, and side by side race. You may add this track with additional features. The features are sold separately. The race competition will be more fun and challenging. Your boys will love this track.

Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race Track Set

Just decide the fastest car by let them passing through a loop. It is a 3 foot tall loop and it is only a high speed car which can pass this track. Prepare your car well otherwise it flipped down. This is special track along with additional 4D batteries.

For your information, those Hot Wheel tracks are designed for boys around 3 years old up to 4 years old. You may buy one of the Hot Wheels tracks above for their special birthday gift.  

Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway


Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset Standard Packaging

Hot Wheels Track Builder Straight Includes 15 Feet of Track and Bonus Car, Styles May Vary

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