Talking about the diecast cars wholesale, there is a wide range of selection you can choose if you want to start your collection. In fact, almost all cars in the world have their own version of diecast manufactured by several popular brands. Other than that, the category has been divided like race cars and military equipment. It makes the collectors get the items they like according to the production era, vehicle types, or even materials.

Hot Wheels collections

It is very impossible to exclude the Hot Wheels line in the diecast cars wholesale, considering how popular this brand is. This brand is specialized in 1/64 scale diecast and was established in 1968. The tremendous response from both children and adults make the popularity stays strong until today. The most popular series look for by the collectors may include several things.

The Redline series were manufactured from the late 60s to early 70s. The main detail is the thin red line striped around the wheels. The Red Line Hot Wheels was released in 1993 for its 25th anniversary.

The Real Riders series is the next collectible item you should look for. It features rubber tires from Goodyear. The Real Rider Hot Wheels series was produced by Mattel between 1981 and 1986. Later in 1995, this manufacturer also produced a four-car Real Riders series. Anything about Hot Wheels can be found in diecastmodelswholesale.

Treasure Hunt series is another the most sought for items from Hot Wheels. This series was introduced for the first time in 1995 and produced in a very limited number. The most common feature includes rubber wheels, special paint feature, and unique designs compared to other series. Nowadays, the Treasure Hunt series becomes an annual series and very interesting to collect.

1957 Ferguson TO 35 Tractor with Keychain Brushed Metal "60th Anniversary" Limited Edition to 999 pieces Worldwide 1/16 Diecast Model by Universal Hobbies

1957 Ferguson TO 35 Tractor with Keychain Brushed Metal “60th Anniversary” Limited Edition to 999 pieces Worldwide 1/16 Diecast Model by Universal Hobbies

Farming, construction, and commercial vehicles

Other than race and sports care, farm equipment is also another popular series for years. The series is produced by several manufacturers like Tonka, Norscot, and Ertl. Other than the diecast of farming vehicles, they also make the replicas of construction vehicles such as dump trucks, cranes, Caterpillar, and many more. Hot Wheels, in fact, also produces some vans and commercial trucks series. You should check it out if you want to collect some interesting items. It is undeniable if collecting diecast cars is fun and exciting. It becomes more exciting if you can get the series of limited edition cars in your box. You should check the diecast cars wholesale because there are various types of cars available

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