Hot Wheels is initially introduced by Mattel in 1968 as a dies-car care product. It has so many huge fans and fan base. The toys are not only collected by children, but they are also wanted by more than a few adults. In 1995, the new series of Hot Wheels called Treasure Hunts is introduced by Mattel. There are only ten thousand cars produced in this series. After being surprisingly popular among the toy car lovers, in 1996, the number of vehicles produced is increased up to twenty five thousand pieces, which are still hard to find. The products can be easily recognized by looking at the words “Treasure Hunt” or “T-Hunt” written on the green bar on their packages.

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Series

Before 2005, each set of Hot Wheel Treasure Hunt Series consists of twelve cars until the VW bus was then given as a bonus started in 2005 which make the set consist thirteen cars each. The quantity still increases up to fifteen cars in 2011. Being produced in two sets, the Super Treasure Hunts were introduced in 2007. How to identify it was quite easy. The letter “s” in the word “Treasure Hunt” is replaced by a dollar symbol. So, if you see “Trea$ure Hunt$” or “T-Hunt$” on the package, it means that you are holding the Super Treasure Hunt.

Why Should You Have It?

There are some reasons that make the collectors believe they should definitely have the Treasure Hunt series.

Dune Crusher Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt 2016

1. Collectible
The collectors believe that every single model of the Treasure Hunt is valuable for them. They can collect according to its color, or moth and year of production.

2. Easy to Keep Up With
Slightly different from its predecessors, which were quite hard to find, the new Treasure Hunt Series can be reached any time by monitoring the release schedule, which regularly takes place once in a month and in a similar time each month.

BADASS Fangula Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt 2017

3. Widespread Availability
We should admit that there is no other toy car which are spread as wide as Hot Wheels cars. They can be found almost everywhere, meaning that there is no need for you to travel quite far just to find the next Treasure Hunt car.

4. Customization
Instead of just limiting yourself with the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt cars, you can also pick out the other cars in your favorite years for a greater customization and variety.