As one of the multinational retailing companies in the United States, Walmart is headquartered in Bonneville, Arkansas. This company was initially founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, and has been developing well afterwards.

Walmart Development

At the end of January 2017, Walmart operates 11,695 clubs and stores in almost thirty countries under a total of almost seventy banners. In Canada and US, the company operates using Walmart as its name. It is known as the company with the biggest income in the world, more or less four hundred and eighty billion dollars surveyed in 2016 by Fortune Global 500 List. It is also has the greatest number of employees, which reaches around two point three million employees. Walmart is a business owned by a family, called Walton Family. Sam Walton’s heirs more than fifty percent of Walmart through both Walton Enterprises and his individual holding.

Hot Wheels Cars Walmart

Mattel, an American toy maker, initially introduced Hot Wheels in 1968 with scale 1:64, 1:43, 1:18, and 1:50. It is considered as the Matchbox’s major rival until 1997 when he finally owned Matchbox after buy Tyco toys. Not just a few automobile manufacturers gave a licence for Hot Wheels to produce miniatures of their cars. They even gave the permission to use the authentic design blueprints and detailing.

The products spread to various countries around the world. The cars are now available at Walmart for you to purchase. The products are not only loved by the children, but adults also like to have them. Since they have become quite popular for the adult collectors, the manufacturer even produces some limited edition scale vehicles.

If you have ever seen it, instead of representing its manufacturing date, the date written on the Hot Wheel cars’ base tells the design copyright date. The design copyright date is usually given one year earlier before the first launched of the car. However, it is also possible to be given in the same year. For instance, if you see the year 2000 written on the bottom of the 2001 First Editions car series named Evil Twin, it would mean that the car is, indeed, released in 2001. However, it is initially designed in 2000.

For your information, Mattel also sometimes reuses several models of his products. It can be considered as either a commemorative replica, or just a part of the regular line. That is why, do not be surprised if you find the newly made Custom Ford Mustang with the year 1968 written on its base when you are seeking and purchasing one of the Hot Wheels cars Walmart.


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