Hot Wheels 2019 C Case Unboxing Short Card

Hi Hello there, it’s been long time not add any Hot Wheels NewsLetter, and this time we have Hot Wheels 2019 C Case with short Card, why we happy to talk about Short Card?, because on our country this short card is a rare item and hard to find so base on that we super duper excited to talk about this card,

Hot Wheels 2019 C Case Cars

This Video is about Unboxing Hot Wheels 2019 C Case Short Card Diecast Indonesia unboxing Video, You should see this video until the end, because like i said on title, we have So Many Nissan Skyline GT R on this Hot Wheels 2019 lot, when this video is made normally on our country is on Q box, but some how we already have Hot Wheels 2019 C Case here in this is on Short Card woohoo..

Hot Wheels 2019 C Case
Hot Wheels 2019 C Case

on this Hot Wheels 2019 C Case we have Nisan Fairlady Z with Yellow and black color, i like the color so much. then we have speed blur series : 17 Nissan GT-R Guaczilla with green color, and i think this Guaczilla will be a cool item, then we have 68 Chevy Nova with gulf decal from HW speed Graphics, and we have Volkswagen Kaverracer Moon Eyes series yellow color, and one of what i like is 2005 Ford mustang.

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and this is the short version, you can check for long version

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