Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary’s Throwback Collection

It is 2018 and it is a perfect time to renew your Hot Wheels collection. Hot Wheels is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. On its golden anniversary, a number of new models, including Hot Wheels Throwback Collection and the coveted black and gold collection, are released. If you are looking forward to refreshing your Hot Wheels collection, here are ten new collections that are available during the celebration of Hot Wheels’ golden anniversary.

  1. Hot Wheels 50th Black and Gold Collection

Black and Gold Collection is an exclusive collection that is released only during the anniversary celebration. All models included in this collection are old models, but with new black and gold trim and 50th anniversary logo.

  1. Hot Wheels 50th Originals Collection

Originals include the first cars to be reconceived as Hot Wheels cars.

  1. Hot Wheels 50th Race Team Mini Collection

Some real car race teams use Hot Wheels as their sponsor. The miniatures of Hot Wheels-sponsored cars become parts of Hot Wheels’ Race Team Mini collection.

  1. Hot Wheels 50th Track Stars

Hot Wheels Track Stars are precious collectibles because they perform exceptionally well on Hot Wheels track and playsets.

  1. Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Favorites

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Favorites include 11 new models, which is the second largest number of models after Hot Wheels Throwback Collection.

  1. Hot Wheels 50th ZAMAC Flames Collection

ZAMAC collection is a precious collectible for fans of unpainted Hot Wheels cars. Collect ZAMAC models if you are tempted by Hot Wheels’ genuine unpainted metallic look.

  1. Hot Wheels 50th Camaro’s Collection

For Chevy Camaro lovers, 10 model variants are introduced in 2018 and all of them are Wal-Mart exclusive models that you can add to your collection.

  1. Hot Wheels 50th Stars and Stripes Collection

Stars and Stripes collection features American cars with stars and stripes liveries.

  1. Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Exclusive Car

’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser is perhaps the ultimate car in Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary collection that you must have in your collection. The big chrome block engine and the metallic ladder bars simply make this car so irresistible.

  1. Hot Wheels 50th Throwback Collection

This collection is perhaps the real collectible in this season. While the other collection includes around 5 or 10 models, Hot Wheels Throwback Collection features 20 models, making it the richest collection introduced in Hot Wheels’ 50th anniversary release.

Unlike the Black and Gold models above, each model in this collection is unique and there is almost no factor that makes them similar. However, the majority of the models—17 to be exact—use 5SP wheels varying finishes (14 chrome, 1 red (Dodge Viper RT/10), 1 yellow (DMC Delorean), and 1 black (Dodge ViperSRT10 ACR)). The remaining 3 models use CBPR5 wheels (’85 Camaro Iroc-Z), OH5 wheels (Camaro Convertible Concept), and ORRRPrf wheels (Ford F-150). Hot Wheels Throwback Collection features classic models embellished with modern cosmetics. There is no new car model included in this collection.

We will discuss more about all models included in Hot Wheels 50th Throwback Collection below.

Hot Wheels 50th Throwback Collection Models.

Being the richest collection in terms of the number of models, Hot Wheels 50th Throwback Collection deserves a special attention here. Included in this collection are the following twenty exotic models.

  1. ’70 Dodge Charger R/T

’70 Dodge Charger R/T has become a recurring model to appear in various Hot Wheels collections since 2011. This model is designed by Brendon Vetuskey and in 2018, it emerges in the anniversary collection with red paint and flame livery. It also features chrome block engine and 5SP wheels.

  1. ’72 Ford Ranchero

’72 Ford Ranchero is unique in that it is a pickup that is not a pickup. It is basically a station wagon that has lost its rear roof. Its uniqueness makes it an excellent Hot Wheels collectible. The 50thanniversary model that is included in the Throwback Collection comes with stunning purple paint with modern colorful vinyl on its sides and chrome 5SP wheels. 

  1. ’83 Chevy Silverado

Having a full-size heavy-duty pickup truck in your Hot Wheels collection is great. ’83 Chevy Silverado has been appearing on Hot Wheels collections since the 2008’s Modern Classics Series collection. In 2018, this car appears in this year’s Hot Wheels 50th Throwback Collection with red and white paint, massive yellow 83 on its doors, and chrome 5SP wheels. 

  1. ’85 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z

The ‘85 International Race of Champions- Z version of Chevy Camaro is a relatively new member in Hot Wheels family. First appearing in 2012 New Models collection, it becomes a favorite collectible due to its unique slightly angular design. In this year’s Throwback Collection, this car appears with yellow paint, flame livery and chrome 5SP wheels.

  1. ’86 Monte Carlo SS

Chevrolet has been releasing numerous versions of its Monte Carlo coupe since 1970, but the ’86 Super Sport model is notable because it is the first Monte Carlo to have aero side mirrors. In the Hot Wheels 50th Throwback Collection, ’86 Monte Carlo SS comes with grey base paint, red and white side stripes and chrome 5SP wheels.

  1. ’99 Ford Mustang

Together with Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang and few other Hot Wheels originals have become Hot Wheels’ trademark models. ’99 Ford Mustang is among Hot Wheels’ unique models because the Hot Wheels version was first released at the same time the real car was released, in 1999. In this Throwback Collection, ’99 Ford Mustang appears intimidating with its black Sherriff Car livery with white stripes and chrome 5SP wheels.

  1. Dodge Viper RT/10

Dodge Viper RT/10 is among Hot Wheels’ most-wanted classic models that have been appearing in numerous collection since 1993. The model is based on the SR I variant of Dodge Viper. The one that appears in this year’s Throwback Collection features clean white paint with red stripes and unique red 5SP wheels.

  1. Corvette C6

This millennial sports car first appeared in 2004, almost at the same time with the release of its real counterpart. It is favored especially due to its exposed lights. If you want to have this Larry Wood’s creation in your collection, you can find it in the Hot Wheels 50th Throwback Collection with light blue paint, white-yellow-red stripes and chrome 5SP wheels. 

  1. Camaro Convertible Concept

There are two reasons to own this model: it is a Camaro and it is convertible. You can watch the luxury interior of this car if you include it in your collection. In 2018, this model that first appeared ten years ago comes with silver paint, blue stripes and blue hollow OH5 wheels. A blue variant with 5SP wheels is also available.

  1. ’15 Dodge Challenger SRT

Orange 15 Dodge Challenger with white stripes and chrome 5SP wheels.

’15 Dodge Challenger SRT looks sleek and sporty with its new SRT trim and revamped grille. In 2018, you can collect this model of the 50th Anniversary’s Throwback Collection with orange color, white stripes, and chrome 5SP wheels.

  1. ’71 Mustang Mach 1

The performance-oriented version of Mustang is certainly a worthy collectible to include in your collection. This model features the distinctive NACA hood design with dual scoops plus chrome-plated hood locking pins. The model features in this year’s Throwback Collection features purple paint with white stripes and chrome 5SP wheels.

  1. ’76 Greenwood Corvette

The winner of 24 Hours Le Mans now enters your collection. ’76 Greenwood Corvette’s sleek and aerodynamic design is a clear sign that this car is designed to be the fastest. In this year’s Hot Wheels 50th Throwback Collection, you can collect red ’76 Greenwood Corvette with star and stripes livery and chrome 5SP wheels.

  1. Custom ’77 Dodge Van

Dodge has many vans, but its Ram Van series has always been the most iconic. The real ’77 Dodge Ram Van may not look beautiful today. This is why Hot Wheels introduces the customized version of it with revamped front lights, grille and bumper. In this collection, you can get a brown custom ’77 Dodge Van with Germany Flag stripes and chrome 5SP wheels.

  1. DMC DeLorean

Your Hot Wheels collection will not complete without a DeLorean Time Machine in it. DMC DeLorean is perhaps most known for its appearance in the Back to the Future media franchise. In this year’s 50th anniversary collection, you can snatch a green DMC DeLorean with yellow stripes and yellow 5SP wheels.

  1. Buick Grand National

The real Buick Regal might appear as an ordinary car on city roads, but its appearance in the NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National Series, hence its name, makes it a truly prominent car both on the circuit and in Hot Wheels collection. In this year’s anniversary collection, you can get a light blue Buick Grand National with orange and red arrow stripes reminiscent of its NASCAR era and chrome 5SP wheels.

  1. ’92 Ford Mustang

’92 Ford Mustang is special because it is the model that wraps up the third generation of Ford Mustang before the design moves to the softer and less angular fourth generation models. The Throwback Collection released this year features a yellow ’92 Ford Mustang with black stripes and chrome 5SP wheels.

  1. ’97 Corvette

’97 Chevy Corvette is the first car released in the C5 series. There are many new design concepts introduced in this series. If you want to see how Corvette undergoes significant change in look, you should collect the white ’97 Corvette with red and blue Hot Wheels stripes and chrome 5SP wheels included in this collection.

  1. Ford Mustang GT

Ford Mustang is fast and powerful. The label GT that follows its name means that there is a powerful V8 engine under its hood. If you love this powerful car, collect blue Ford Mustang GT with white stripes and chrome 5SP wheels included in this year’s Hot Wheels 50th Throwback Collection,

  1. Ford F-150

Orange Ford F-150 with grey stripes and chrome ORRRPrf wheels is also found in the Throwback Collection this year. Anyone who loves off-road Hot Wheels car with off-road wheels will certainly find this model a worthy collectible.

  1. Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR

The last model in this collection is a white Dodge ViperSRT10 ACR with race flag stripes and black 5SP wheels. This American Club Racing sports car is not only fast, but also sleek, making it a perfect Hot Wheels 50th Throwback Collection model to be included in your collection.

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