Hot Wheels 50th Originals Collections

For you the lovers of Hot Wheels product, you must be ready now. For celebrating its brand 50th anniversary, some new series are released. One of them is the Hot Wheels 50th Originals Collections. So, it is a good time for you all being nostalgic with this toy.

5 Items with Different Designs

Compared to the products released previously, this series is more about giving you a chance to see the classic car collections. Yes, there are 5 types offered here; they are 68 Cougar in yellow, Volkswagen Beetle in Purple, 67 Camaro in light blue, Custom 67 Mustang in red, and 67 HEMI Barracuda in green. The designs are made as similar as possible to the original products. are you interested to have the real cars of them? Well, it is not bad to collect the miniatures at first.

Greater Performance

The products of classic toys like them are often underestimated for the less sophisticated matter. Yes, many car products already apply high technology, like distant controller, and the likes. Meanwhile, it seems that Hot Wheels still maintain some of its products to be more manual. As you know, this Originals Collections series still need to be run manually. However, it doesn’t mean that Hot Wheels doesn’t give any improvement at all. The motor system is developed to be smoother and easier to run. Besides, it is also lightweight to accommodate the children more while playing with it.

Safe and Healthy Toy

There is a fact that adults love buying the cars for collections indeed. However, Hot Wheels still maintains the product to be actually designed for the kids. Therefore, the materials used are free from any dangerous chemical substances and the likes. They are mainly made from diecast metal with some parts made from plastics. Besides, the production process is under tight controller to prevent any side of the car for being too sharp and others. But if you are parents, make sure to know this important thing. This car is not for the toddlers or babies under 3 years old. Its small size is not safe for them who are learning to eat something.

Spare Parts

There are no additional spare parts included in this product. If you buy them in a set, there are the 5 cars only available in the packaging. But you must not worry if there is any damage on the car; the spare parts are available separately in the toy stores. Meanwhile, it is so easy to repair as well even if you are not experienced in mechanic thing.

Great Packaging

Okay, the box can be just saved or even throw in the rubbish can just after you take out the cars. But undeniably, the packaging is another plus point of this product. For the Originals Collections special for 50th anniversary, this brand gives you a brand new box. The design looks more beautiful so that it is better not to throw it away. So, what are you waiting for? This series is worth to collect.


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