Hot Wheels 50th Zamac Flames Collection

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this brand, Hot Wheels launches some new series. Of course, if you are one of the collectors or fanatics of this toy car series, you should not miss it. One of them is Hot Wheels 50th Zamac Flames Collections. So, how are the designs and features of this product? Here they are.


At least, there are 5 items offered in the series of Zamac Flames special for the 50th anniversary. However, it seems that the most demanded by the market is the yellow Cougar. If you compare this to the real car, this series is definitely more classical. The striking yellow for all of its body just adds its beauty and stunning look.

Rather than making it plain, the manufacturer of Hot Wheels prefers giving additional pattern, again, for more attractive visual. It is in the form of purple and silver line. The design reminds us to the idea of 60s car. So, if you want to have nostalgia with that era, this miniature is just a good idea to be collected. Besides, with its weight for only 1.76 ounces, it feels more flexible and able to be played well.

Zamac Flames Collection

Zamac Flames Collection


Despite being designed beautifully, the most important thing regarding to this car is of course about the performance. When you want to buy this product, first of all, make sure to know the age recommended playing this toy. It is not suggested for babies and toddlers below 3 years old. Its small size and light weight is quite risky particularly for them who start learning to eat.

But beyond those things, this series from Hot Wheels is safe enough. Its materials along with the outer layer are free from poisonous substances. So, it doesn’t matter if your kids are playing it all the time. Besides, the product is also manufactured well to avoid it being too sharp to scratch the skin and any other small accidents.

Secondly, it is performed well although its speed is basically not so much different from any other similar products. But for being easy to play, the series of Zamac Flames from Hot Wheels have been won many awards under kid products and toys category. What are they? They are including being mentioned in the Top 100 in Toys and Games and considered as the best toys and games for Preschools or Pre-Kindergarten children.

Of course, the market of this toy is not the children only. The beautiful shapes and designs allow many adults to collect them as well. This is commonly part of their nostalgia for sure. But then rather than for being played, the cars can just make your room look more magnificent with the set of this car arranged well on the shelves.

 Pros and Cons

Talking about the pros, it should be clear; starting from cool design, high level of safety, to the good performance. So, does the product have any lack? Fortunately, it is yes. There are cases when the wheels are bent during the shipping. Well, is it a sign that the wheels are not really strong?


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