A Hot Wheels car case comes very recommended because it can be hard for you folks to store your precious collection of miniature cars. Miniature cars, while they all look good, are very much lacking in terms of durability. There are times when aspiring collectors face the destruction of their collections because they lack the right place to store them.

While the same rule applies to everything that can be collected, we are going to specifically talk about Hot Wheels storing place today. As you might have noticed, Hot Wheels is a collection of a sort, and every collection needs a storing place to prevent said collection from being destroyed. That is why Hot Wheels car cases exist. They are here to prevent your Hot Wheels collection from being ruined, making them a good thing to have if you are collecting Hot Wheels.

Sure you can store your Hot Wheels collection in other storages, but that does not guarantee them from destruction. A  Hot Wheels car case is specifically made for storing Hot Wheels, meaning you will have a lowered chance of Hot Wheels destruction if you keep them in their specific cases.  

That being said, there are so many Hot Wheels car cases that it can prove to be confusing at first. Which one should you pick? Which one is better than the other one? Those are the questions that we will be answering today, so continue if you are curious about them.

Table of Contents

Let us start off with Neat-Oh! Hot Wheels Zipbin

We are starting with the one that is the hardest to use. Its difficulty comes not from how it operates – in fact, it is the simplest storage case to use. Its difficulty shows itself when you are trying to find out a specific car in your collection. Why? Because the car got no compartment! This is basically a bag that looks like a sports car’s wheel, complete with the rims, Hot Wheels logo, and whatnot. The inside of this case is just an empty space where you can throw your casts to. A bit expensive and lacking ($22) for a storage case.

The Ring of Fire Car Case

The second case is a bit cooler because it is shaped like a ring of fire. Aside from its cool shape, it can be turned into a sort of jump track that your Wheels can use. Fits 21 cars in each side and is priced at US$20.

Vintage Tin Car Case

The third case is cooler than the first case, but the second case beats its bottom by a mile. This is just a simple tin case that is priced at US$20, complete with compartments for each car to rest on. Definitely the strongest Hot Wheels car case of the three because it is made of tin, which is obviously stronger than plastic.

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