is one of the most wanted Hot Wheels series among the toy car enthusiasts. Since 1968, Hot Wheels has presented so many real car inspired toy car models. It allows us to experience the adrenaline rush of speeding in the track with great race car, even though it is just the mini version. If you are a true Hot Wheels enthusiast, Ford Performance series is something you cannot miss. If you haven’t added this set to your collection, this is definitely the right time to purchase one set for you.

The Models in Ford Performance Series

Ford is not a new name in the world of car racing. It has a very strong history and the company has produced so many amazing race cars over the decade. If you are a fan of Ford’s racing cars since the old days, Hot Wheels Ford Performance Full Set will make you the happiest person on earth. This set consists of 8 models and each is inspired by Ford’s most popular race car models since 1960s up to the present day.

This set includes 65 Mustang 2 + 2 Fastback, 67 Ford Mustang Coupe, 92 Ford Mustang, 99 Mustang, Mustang Funny Car, Ford Mustang Cobra, Custom 2014 Ford Mustang, and 71 Mustang Mach I. The 1/64 scale toy cars are designed by Hot Wheels’ best designers. For example, the 65 Mustang 2 + 2 Fastback was designed by none other than Alec Tam, the brand’s legendary second generation designer. It was designed based on the real race car version.

Furthermore, there is also the 92 Ford Mustang that was designed by Jun Imai. It originally debuted as a part of Modern Classics series before it was included to Hot Wheels Ford Performance Full Set lineup in 2016.

Why You Should Play Hot Wheels

If you haven’t tried playing Hot Wheels before, you are really missing out on something really interesting. Race car fans definitely will enjoy collecting Hot Wheels because the toy cars are designed based on real racing car. Even though you cannot hit the track in real life, watching the toy cars running on the track is a really nice experience.

Furthermore, taking time to build the track and make sure the cars can do the stunt you really want is also very satisfying. You also don’t have to worry if your kids keep playing with their Hot Wheels Ford Performance Full Set. Its Speedometry lesson actually can encourage your kids to learn STEM in a more exciting way.