Surely there are numerous Hot Wheels games free for kids that you can choose. The official website of Hot Wheels provide free games, most of them are fun for the kids. You can simply play the game and do not have to pay for anything to play the game. Below are some more information about Hot Wheels games free for kids.

Some of the Best Games from Hot Wheels

Some of the best games from Hot Wheels that kids can play are including the infamous HydraRaycer and the Pigeon Plopper. In HydraRaycer, kids can choose to play either as Gage, Brandon, Wyatt, or Rhett. They can choose the signature cars and race to the finish line. The goal of the game is going to the finish line faster than the opponents, of course. Throughout the game, players will encounter some obstacles and some power-ups as well. Obstacles will cause the health of the vehicle to decrease and power-ups help the players to enhance the health of the cars and also getting to the finish line quicker. This HydraRaycer game is free to play and very popular. As for the Pigeon Plopper, many kids find this game very fun and interesting. In the game, the player will help Rhett to fly a huge mutant pigeon. This mutant pigeon drops a kind of giant poops to the Hilly Woodlands town. The aim is to collect as many scores as possible. There are power-ups as well in the game. Players will encounter burger, fries, pizza, waffle, hot dogs, and taco as power-ups. It will help the pigeon to plop on the bad guys and help the Team Hot Wheels. Players get 3 lives in the game. If they lose your lives, they need to start all over. If they still have lives left, they can replay the level.




Where to Play Hot Wheels Games for Kids?

The most obvious sites for you to play the Hot Wheels games is on the official website of Hot Wheels. However, some of the games can also be played in several other sites across the internet. There are so many sites out there where you can simply play the game. Some sites also provide downloadable game so that you do not have to play the game online. Surely, the Hot Wheels games free for kids are so much fun and a great time killer for kids when they have leisure time.


Hot Wheels Race OFF – Free Hot Wheels Game for Smartphone

This one is so addictive, this game is for mobile phone or smartphone, so you can play this whatever you want play as long as you bring your phone, this game is a racing game, you can get most off hot wheels car in this game, you can find and use Bone Shakker, Dune it up, Dwagzilla and many more. 

hot wheels free game

hot wheels free game

The Idea for this game is so simple, just race between 2 car, you only have two button, one for speed up and another one is for speed down, and you can also beat the time and race multiplier with your friend or all around the world. and like i said before this Hot Wheels Race off – free hot wheels game is so addictive 


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