Hot wheels K.I.T.T first debut is on 2012 years and yes look like original car Hot wheels K.I.T.T have “Knight” License plate on rear. K.I.T.T is a Pontiac Trans Am year 1982 car and on the Television show have Turbo Boost, you can assume this like a NOS on Fast and Furious movie right now (CMIIW).

Hot Wheels 2017 HW Screen Time Knight Rider K.I.T.T. (KITT) 3/365

Knight Industries Two Thousand, Just in case you don’t know what is K.I.T.T, and also on the Television show K.I.T.T have Super Persuit Mode. Mode that give more speed than Convertible mode.  And guest what, on 2014 Hot wheels also made Hot wheels K.I.T.T Super Pursuit Mode. Im trying not to talk about the Televison show version here, but if we talk about K.I.T.T we will also remember David Hasselhoff


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