Hot Wheels is a brand of small-scale die-cast cars, measuring about 1:64, 1:43, 1:18 and 1:50 introduced by American toy maker Mattel in 1968. Mattel was Matchbox’s leading competitor before Mattel finally bought Tyco Toys owned Matchbox in 1997.
Many car manufacturers have licensed Hot Wheels to make small-scale models of cars they make, and even allow Mattel to use original blueprints and details. Although Hot Wheels was originally intended for children and adolescents, these mini cars have now become popular among adult collectors. Even now also available limited edition model that is very difficult to find and of course, sold at a price that is quite expensive.

Original Lincoln Continental Car

Lincoln Continental is a luxury car manufactured by Lincoln, an American car manufacturer called Ford Motor Company. First introduced in 1939 as a convertible coach built.
Continental series of 1961 modified by Ford Elwood Engels. The design is finally made with the principle of “form follows function” which means the form follows or according to its function, in the absence of complete ornaments on the surface of the car.


Hot Wheels ’64 Lincoln Continental

The most recognizable feature of the Continental design is the back of the rear hinged door, last seen at Lincolns 1951, to provide access to the rear seats. A warning light on the dashboard is provided as a security feature. This sedan features a thin “B” pillar with a body style that uses a hardtop-style door with a window frame as well as a curved side mirror. No wonder why this sedan is called “pillared hardtop”. Similar design was finally applied to a number of Ford Motor Company vehicles during the 1960s and 1970s.

For 1964, Lincoln gave Continental a slight design change, featuring some updates to improve the interior space to be more comfortable. The distance of the wheelbase is extended by three inches, to expand the rear space so that travel using this car becomes more comfortable. There are some changes to the Roofline of this sedan, among others, its position being parallel to the windshield, and its previously curved shape is now flat. The rear filling gas tank door is fitted to the driver’s side of the car. The front grille was slightly modified from the 1963 model.

Hot Wheels Brown 64 Lincoln Continental

64 Lincoln Continental is a miniature Hot Wheels made car based on a hardtop production car of the same name. Hot Wheels Brown 64 Lincoln Continental was debuted in Hot Wheel 2007 New Models series. In addition to 64 Lincoln Continental 2017, there is also a similar miniature 64 Lincoln Continental 2000. So, what is the difference between Lincoln 64 Continental cars 2000 and 2007?
Both have the exact same design, and are also made based on the same model, the original Lincoln Continental car. What makes these two series different is the color. Hot Wheel 64 Lincoln Continental 2000 comes with white, black and gold variants with various interior colors, such as blue, red, white, brown, and black. While Hot Wheel 64 Lincoln Continental 2007 comes in a more diverse color variants, namely white, blue, green, red, gold, purple, magenta, and gray. However, the most common car on the market is blue, or often referred to as Hot Wheels Brown 64 Lincoln Continental
Hot Wheels Brown 64 Lincoln Continental mini car is also widely marketed throughout the world, including Indonesia. The price of this car market in Indonesia is also diverse. The price ranges from twenty to fifty thousand rupiah. If you are interested in buying and making it one of your favorite Hot Wheels car collection, you can look it up at a toy store or online shop.


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