Hot Wheels Mardi Grass, Midnight Otto, 2008! With purple color for packing ,this hot wheels is unique ,because Hot Wheels create alot of Midnight Otto Car series ,and now, what we have here is Mardi grass Midnight Otto, and for detail, this Midnight Otto have Metal flake Green color and for tempo, this Midnight Otto have Gold and Blue tampos on sides, and on the back, you can see, Mardi Grass, 08, for identify this hot wheels is quite easy, As You can see, on the bottom right of the packing ,you can find lettering of Midnight Otto and Written on the packing Clearly, Mardi Grass, with mardi grass mask graphic, at left top the packing
this Hot Wheels Mardi Grass Midnight Otto is made in Malaysia,

Hot Wheels Mardi Gras Midnight Otto model to collect,

you can see, Jack Hammer, Midnight Otto, like we have now,’70 Plymouth, Barracuda,Firebird, Funny Car,Phantastique,Double Demon,and 99 Mustang, debuting in the 2002 First, The Midnight Otto is a Hot Wheels casting , based on the custom car of the same name


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