The Hot Wheels fans may be familiar with Hot Wheels World race and Hot Wheels Accele Racers. Yes, they are the Three animated movies by Mattel. The detail information about the movies and also the Hot Wheels movie list arranged in order can be found below.

The Evolution of Hot Wheels: From Toys to the Big Screen

Hot Wheels is a beloved brand that has been entertaining children and adults alike for over 50 years. With the upcoming release of the Hot Wheels movie, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at the brand’s rich history and how it has evolved over the years.

Hot Wheels was introduced by Mattel in 1968 as a line of die-cast toy cars. They were an instant hit, and soon became one of the most popular toys of the 1970s. The original line featured 16 cars, including the iconic Custom Camaro, Beatnik Bandit, and the Ford J-Car. These cars were designed to be fast, sleek, and collectible, with unique designs and bright colors that made them stand out from other toys on the market.

Over the years, Hot Wheels continued to innovate and expand its product line. In the 1980s, they introduced the Hot Wheels Stunt Set, which allowed kids to build and race their own tracks. They also began collaborating with other popular brands, such as Marvel and Star Wars, to create themed cars and playsets.

In the 1990s, Hot Wheels introduced the “Treasure Hunt” series, which featured special edition cars with hidden treasure symbols that collectors could hunt for. They also began creating more realistic and detailed cars, with features such as opening doors and hoods.

As technology advanced, Hot Wheels continued to evolve. In 1995, they launched Hot, a website that allowed fans to design and customize their own cars. They also introduced digital playsets, such as the Hot Wheels AI Intelligent Race System, which uses artificial intelligence to control the cars and create a more immersive racing experience.

Now, Hot Wheels is gearing up for its biggest adventure yet with the upcoming Hot Wheels movie. The movie will bring the iconic toys to life on the big screen, with a story that follows a young boy who discovers a magical Hot Wheels track that leads to a world of racing and adventure.

The Hot Wheels movie is just the latest chapter in the brand’s rich history. From its humble beginnings as a line of die-cast cars to a multi-billion dollar franchise, Hot Wheels has captured the imaginations of generations of kids and adults. As we look forward to the release of the Hot Wheels movie, we can’t help but be excited about what the future holds for this iconic brand.

The Movies

The first movie to be discussed is Hot Wheels World Race made by Mattel. It is a computer animated film, which length is adjusted to be aired on the Hot Wheels television show and toy line. The film was distributed both on DVD and television. The Family Home Entertainment is responsible for distributing it on the former one, and Warner Bros Television on the latter. Based on that television series film, the Hot Wheels race video game was created. It was released on VHS and DVD at the end of 2003, after being premiered previously on cartoon Network on July 12 in the same year.

Similar to the World Race, Hot Wheels: Accele Racers are also an animated movie made by Mattel. It was also shown on the Cartoon Network, like the previous film, and available on both DVD and VHS. The car models were taken and put in a ReBoot-like situation. Both Aorld Race and Accele racer shows took place in California. What makes it share similar characteristics with the World Race is due to the fact that Accele Racers is actually the sequel series to the World Race. Sony BMG was pointed as the soundtrack distributor. The toys were sold in many stores, and regarding the promotion, the toys were also given freely in Happy Meal owned by Mc Donald’s.

Hot Wheels Movie List

  • Hot Wheels World Race

All of the characters in the Hot Wheels World Race series are based on the toy series, only some of them really starred in the film, while the rest of them appears without a name. The Wave Rippers are good at flying using the jet booster, Street Breeds are able to find an alternative route if the path is too difficult to pass, and Road Beasts can cut snow boulders and rocks.

  • Hot Wheels AcceleRacers

At the year of 2005, HotWheels is one of the leading toy cars company. With that being said, the company decided to release another computer-animated series called Hot Wheels AcceleRacers Movie. When you see an animation movie entitled team Hot Wheels, you will see a Hot Wheel logo. Just like the title and the logo, the movie is sponsored by the most popular toy car brand in the world Hot Wheels. So, let’s talk more about this animation movie.

Talking About The Movie

Before you go deep into the movie, worth noting that this is a 2005 animated series film. If you compare with the modern or nowadays graphic, then it is very far behind. But what makes this series appealing is the fact that the animation is well made and considered ahead of time. The Hot Wheels AcceleRacers Movie is created by Ian Richter and Marks Edens that part of the Mainframe entertainment from Canada.

This particular film is released in 2005 as the sequel of the previous successful miniseries, Hot Wheels; world race. As a continuation, this movie takes place two years after the previous series story.  Creating a more modernized appearance located in California. In this movie, the toy cars also appear like a reboot-like situation that gives an impression of Tron like visual. 

The Plot Of The Story Hot Wheels AcceleRacers

The story is about Dr. Peter Tezla, the genius that discovers the gateway to the racing realms is through the Wheel of power. To get access, the doctor decided to hire two racing teams the MetalManiacs and Teku. Both are considered as the best candidate in the Hot Wheels AcceleRacers Movie. The Metalmanicas are consist of some of the world race veterans and other incredible racers, that prefers powers.

The competitor, Teku, is the team in which the members care so much about the looks and the sounds of their cars. They will make sure that not only will the cars perform well, but the cars also need to look and sound good. Actually, the team’s name is derived from the Japanese word which means technology. Both of the teams go through numerous racing against the racing drones (the villain) and winning the AcceleChargers.

The Serial And The Other Special

in the series of Hot Wheels AcceleRacers movie, there are four DVDs that you can have. Ignition, Breaking Point, the Speed of Silence, and the Ultimate Race. All of them have sixty minutes of duration. The first character in the movie is the Metal Maniacs, one of the teams competing in the race. The members’ cars are a mixture of racing car components and scrap metal that give the impression of muscle cars with the old style.

This movie is released to follow the succession of the previous miniseries, called hot wheels: world race. Like the movie, it is created solely to promote and introduce the car toys product using the interesting racing plots. With high enthusiasm, there is no doubt that people find this movie as a throwback of their old-time favorite movie. Many people say that the movie is kind of ahead of time when it came out. Worth to watch.

When you see an animation movie entitled team Hot Wheels, you will see a  Hot Wheel logo. Just like the title and the logo, the movie is sponsored by the most popular toy car brand in the world Hot Wheels. So, let’s talk more about this animation movie.

  • Team Hot Wheels is the animation movie

Team Hot Wheels is the animation movie that is produced by Mattel Playground Productions, Titmouse, and Mercury Filmworks. This movie consists of several features released such as the Origin of Awesome, the Skills to Thrill, and Build the Epic Race.

The Origin of Awesome was released in 660 theaters in the United States in 2014. Then, it was released on home video, Cartoon Network, and Netflix. The next two series were aired on Netflix in 2015.


Cast and Characters of Team Hot Wheels

There are 4 casts in the Team Hot Wheels movie namely Gage Green, Brandon, Rhett, and Wyatt. Those characters are voiced by several great actors such as Ben Diskin, David Lodge, Grant George, and Nicolas Roye. All of them are driving a Hot Wheels car such as Quick n’ Silk, Bone Shaker, Baja Truck, and Twin Mill. They can be differentiated by the color of their costume. Each of them is using the red, green, yellow, and blue costume. Indeed, all of them love to drive their car at high speed.

The Latest Movie

The latest movie launched on October 28, 2017. Previously, the Team Hot Wheels only have 4 members. In this episode, the team was about to find a new member.

That’s why the title of the movie is Search for the 5th driver. Just like the title of the movie, the team is looking for the next skilled driver. The next driver has to be skilled in driving a car at high speed, powerful, smart and has a great imagination.

Those skills are important to beat all the obstacles in the Hot Wheels city. In this movie, your children seem to be the 5th member of the team. It seems that they can drive the Hot Wheels toy car and try to be the best driver.

It seems that Hot Wheels will be a legendary brand in the world since the toys become popular and famous until today. The manufacturer is developing it self by producing the latest diecast and also toy cars. This is only one marketing way to attract children and parents to love Hot Wheels more.     

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