The Hot Wheels fans may be familiar with Hot Wheels World race and Hot Wheels Accele Racers. Yes, they are the two animated movies by Mattel. The detail information about the movies and also the Hot Wheels movie list arranged in order can be found below.

The Movies

The first movie to be discussed is Hot Wheels World Race made by Mattel. It is a computer animated film, which length is adjusted to be aired on the Hot Wheels television show and toy line. The film was distributed both on DVD and television. The Family Home Entertainment is responsible for distributing it on the former one, and Warner Bros Television on the latter. Based on that television series film, the Hot Wheels race video game was created. It was released on VHS and DVD at the end of 2003, after being premiered previously on cartoon Network on July 12 in the same year.

Similar to the World Race, Hot Wheels: Accele Racers are also an animated movie made by Mattel. It was also shown on the Cartoon Network, like the previous film, and available on both DVD and VHS. The car models were taken and put in a ReBoot-like situation. Both Aorld Race and Accele racer shows took place in California. What makes it share similar characteristics with the World Race is due to the fact that Accele Racers is actually the sequel series to the World Race. Sony BMG was pointed as the soundtrack distributor. The toys were sold in many stores, and regarding the promotion, the toys were also given freely in Happy Meal owned by Mc Donald’s.

Hot Wheels Movie List

  1. Hot Wheels World Race

All of the characters in the Hot Wheels World Race series are based on the toy series, only some of them really starred in the film, while the rest of them appears without a name. The Wave Rippers are good at flying using the jet booster, Street Breeds are able to find an alternative route if the path is too difficult to pass, and Road Beasts can cut snow boulders and rocks.

  1. Hot Wheels Accele Racers

In the series of Hot Wheels Accele Racers, there are four DVD that you can have. Ignition, Breaking Point, the Speed of Silence, and the Ultimate Race. All of them have sixty minutes duration. The first character in the movie is the Metal Maniacs, one of the teams competing in the race. The members’ cars are a mixture of racing car component and scrap metal that give the impression of muscle cars with old style.

The competitor, Teku, is the team in which the members care so much about the looks and the sounds of their cars. They will make sure that not only will the cars perform well, but the cars also need to look and sound good. Actually, the team’s name is derived from the Japanese word which means technology.

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