Hot Wheel no wonder have become the most top brand of toy car among children. Hence it is no surprising if children know wide variety of models from this brand. Besides its car collection, Hot Wheels play table also most wanted item related to this brand. This play table serve to be like a real arena for little racers in order to compete and crash their cars. Children also can use this item to engage in drag race with their friends. The playa table from Hot Wheels does not only make the car racing more interesting but also can develop children’s social skills so that they are willing to share cars with their friends. It comes with a lot of useful features to make the playing experience more fascinating. Some of the features are made in USA while some others are imported.

Hot Wheels play table features

This play table include a number of features to make children play the game more interestingly. For instance, it comes with raised table height which can be used to support little racing play more comfortably in long period of time. The play table has very long track which support multiple players. Hot Wheels play table is also equipped with molded-in track as well as irremovable bridges which all of them are made in one set. Not only track and bridges, it involves 6-feet race track too. Besides various track races offered, the play table of this brand also provide five hot car models. Both the track set and the models are addressed to children 3 years or older. Play table from this brand is quite interesting since it has one-piece lid which feature white side. The function of this part is actually changing the function of the play table. Hence, it is not only able to use for car racing but can support other activities such as playing puzzles, games, and even colouring. The most important thing is it is made from sturdy poly construction with lack of assembly do it can withstand for long many years.

What to aware when using the play table

There are some warnings which need to notice when playing with Hot Wheels play table. First, this item is actually not suitable for children whose ages are under 3 years old since it includes tiny parts which have risk to be swallowed. The play table is also designed for domestic use so that it might less its durability when often used outdoor. The toys equipped with these items not come with protection so both the play table and its accessories need to be used carefully. Adults or parents have to take a look on their children when using this item as well so they can explain the right use as well as reducing the risk of misuse.

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