The 2005 Ford Lincoln Futura was the most iconic vehicle of Gotham City, and this Hot Wheels exclusive TV Series version features the same look. Its light smoke-tinted windows, red BATMAN logo, and blue-painted seats are as realistic as the original. A unique feature of the TV Series Batmobile is the inclusion of the famous ‘Batwing’ sound system. In addition to the sound system, the vehicle features Neo-Classics Redline wheels.

Should I Buy RLC Exclusive TV Series Batmobile

The RLC Exclusive TV Series Batmobile is a classic model from the classic 1960s Batman television series. This iconic vehicle was originally designed by the legendary customizing artist George Barris and is one of the most well-known models from the TV series. It features a Spectraflame steel blue finish accented with red BATMAN logos and light smoke-tinted windows. The car is equipped with a blue-painted interior and a red siren dome. The black paint is complemented by blue-painted seats and Neo-Classics Redline wheels.

The Batmobile was popularized by the classic 1966 TV show. This model is made of a 1955 Lincoln Futura and is decorated with the iconic bat-emblem door panels. The model is the first of its kind to be approved by the creator of the TV series, George Barris, and is therefore one of the most detailed and authentic-looking models of the classic television show. Despite its intricate details, it is not recommended to buy this model for its price.

If you have already gotten your hands on the newest Batmobile from the TV series, you should know that it comes with limited editions of all its variants. You can find many different models of the iconic car on eBay and at the official website of Hot Wheels. It is recommended to check out the Red Line Club for more details. The limited editions of these cars are usually available for as little as $25.

Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive TV Series Batmobile Spec

Body Color : Spectraflame steel blue
Deco : Red BATMAN™ symbol on hood; red stripes on hood, sides, front, and rear
Body Type : ZAMAC
Wheels : Neo-Classics Redline wheels
Base : Full-metal, matte black-painted chassis
Window Color: Light smoke-tinted
Interior Color : Black with blue-painted seats and red-painted siren dome
Scale : 1:64
Packaging: Packaged on an illustrated RLC blister card, packed in a Kar Keepers clamshell case
Priced at $25.00

Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive TV Series Batmobile video