Since its first debut in 1995, Hot Wheels has been successfully grabbing the audience attention through its regular and rare cars. The Hot Wheels collectors, either children or adult, would love to have the Hot Wheels rug where their cars can be properly played. Then, what’s so special with having a hot wheel rug?

What’s so good about it?

Any Hot Wheel collectors who get their tiny garages become full of Hot Wheel Cars sometimes want to cruise the vehicle around and give the, the real-like roads and parking lots. They can now do that on the hot wheels rug. One of the rug type is a 3D Play Carpets. The mixture of its smooth roads and soft carpet allows the owners to limit the space where their car can roam.

For some people, $150 that they have to spend for this rug may be not cheap. However, purchasing the rug with that price can be much cheaper than repairing the mess the children cause when they are learning how to drive their mini cars. Besides, some models of rugs are available in many different colors, patterns, and schemes, so that the children will not feel bored.

It is quite exciting to play the cars on a various landscape and spin. It is also perfect to be purchased as a gift that can keep your children play in one place. Sometimes, the rugs also come with two models of Hot Wheels cars, and some of them even come with an exploding crash wall that can let your children feel like they are on the real track. The rug is, indeed, worth purchasing. It is cool and it gives you or your children too much fun, and it will allow the kids to play with it interactively. There is a model which is designed using nylon construction, and it is equipped with a solid border and a non slip foam backing, so that the rug will be steady an stay in place even when the kids get more active while playing.

The Rug Set

There are actually various sets of the rug, and each of them may come with different features. However, most of the Hot Wheels rug is usually packed in a set that includes:

1. Rug, Hot Wheels cars and crash wall

2. Nonslip foam backing, sometimes gel foam backing

3. Durable nylon construction

4. Solid border

5. The dimension is usually around 31-1/2″ x 44″

6. Various patterns, schemes, landscapes

You or your children will definitely love to have it, since it allows you to race around with your favorite car collections.

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