For you who love playing hot wheels, you must be familiar with hot wheels semi truck car carrier. Basically, it is a Semi truck that can be used to carry some hot wheels cars. Semi truck car carrier can be very useful to keep your hot wheels cars safe and neat. Semi truck car carrier cannot be played like any other hot wheels cars due to the size of the truck. There is no track can handle that size. Therefore, hot wheels semi truck car carrier commonly is only used to put or carry hot wheels cars. It can be a good option for collectors who have many hot wheel cars. Putting your hot wheels cars on the semi truck car carrier will give you different and interesting experience. We are going to discuss further about this kind of hot wheels car carrier.

Overview Hot Wheels Semi Truck Car Carrier

hot wheels semi truck car carrier is truck category that is developed to carry hot wheels cars. Hot wheels semi truck car carriers can store 10-50 cars. There are some kinds of hot wheels car carrier that you can buy. They are classified by the amount of cars that can be stored.  There are some levels and compartments that can be used to put or store your hot wheels cars. For example, in 50 cars models, in total there are 6 levels that can be used. The top three levels can be lifted up and expanded for creating more rooms. The last three levels are located under the expanded levels and also under the truck, between the wheels. Each level uses two row storing system.  You can use the hood of the truck to store 2 more cars. Besides used for storing cars, the upper level can be used to be ramp or car launcher. You can connect the upper levels with hot wheel orange straight tracks. You can combine the truck with your hot wheels ultimate tracks. It will give different experience in launching the cars.


Where to Buy Hot Wheels Semi Truck Car Carrier

You can buy hot wheels semi truck car carrier in any toy stores. However, you can also find this truck in online store. Some online store such as Amazon, Walmart, and ebay commonly offers some interesting price and discount for this hot wheels car carrier. Averagely, it costs $13-$20. For additional information, when you buy semi truck car carrier, you will only get the truck, not included the cars. the cars are sold separately.

hot wheels semi truck car carrier is a perfect item for you who want to complete your hot wheels collection and store you hot wheels cars in style.  That’s all about hot wheels semi truck car carrier. Hopefully, it will be a good reference and give information about hot wheels semi truck car carrier.

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Hot Wheels Car Carrier

Hot Wheels is considered as one of the most collectible car toys in the world. The high variance of cars along with the designs and model makes the collectors driven to get them all. This particular mini car replica also comes in different prices, details, models, even edition. Whether it is for a showcase or as a personal collection, this product also comes with numerous hot wheels car carrier cases. Here are some of the types and prices details.

Here Are Some Product For Hot Wheels car Carrier to Choose

1. 100 Car Carrying Case

When you are an avid collector and want to take some of them for a showcase, this kind of hot wheels car carrier case will be suitable for you. The 100 cars carrying cases can hold up to 100 HotWheels cars in any designs except the bigger ones. Most of the carriers have plastic containers that are arranged in ways to create spaces that fit every car. Some empty spaces can be used to place maintenance tools. It comes in many different designs and models.

with this hot wheels car carrier you will not forget to bring your lovely car any where and still have place if you find other nice car

2. 48 Cars Storage Cases

These hot wheels car carrier cases also multi-function as the storage. It can hold up to 48 cars along with the maintenance tools, and other stuff. Once again it comes with different kinds of designs and models that can be matched with your taste. Just like the previous item, the cases are made of durable plastic that has shelves inside which fit for every car. if you love travels, you can also choose the product that comes with wheels and an extendable handle.

3. Vintage 12″ Roller Carrier Cases

In case you are looking for more aesthetically pleasing cases, there are also some of the vintage-styled storage. The design and the car shelving are not that different from the previous two items. This Hot Wheels Car Carrier case has two handles on the top and can be opened wide for better access and easier assembling of your car replicas collection. But the picture and the overall looks are inspired by the hard briefcases made of durable plastic.

4. Suitcase Carrier for better mobility and save travel

Another hot wheels car carrier storage that will be beneficial for the traveler is the suitcase-type model or design. The suitcase-type mentioned here refers to the roll or wheeled bags. You can extend the handle and drag it around with ease. Since this kind of storage comes with an extendable handle, the price is higher than the usual design. but for all things considered, the suitcase hot wheels car carrier case will be helpful for the long-distance traveler who loves their collection save and clean.

Many other products can be found in e-commerce. If you ever wonder why do you need this hard box carrying cases, you will be shocked how precious these mini car replicas can be. Some of the cars might look basic and cheap, but Hotwheels also knowns for its exclusive and high-quality toy cars. The collection can range from the common car designs to the rarest and limited edition ones. That is why chose best hot wheels car carrier will keeping your cars safe is important.

Hot Wheels Truck Carrier: Store Your Cars in Style

For you who love playing hot wheels or for the collectors, one of the common problems that you have to face is about storing your hot wheels cars. You may never things that it will be a quite serious problem. You keep buying hot wheels cars and you don’t realize that you face a challenge to store and keep your hot wheels cars safe and neat. It is a quite serious problem. If you don’t manage the problem well you may lose some of your hot wheels cars. It can be broken or stolen. You will never expect to lose your precious hot wheels cars. Sometime it is not about the money, but because you love the cars. That’s why you need a solution that can solve your problem. Hot wheels shelf may become one of the solutions. However, sometime the shelf can be a bit boring way to store you hot wheels cars. You need something that can store your hot wheels as well as it should be in a unique and stylist ways. So when you see the way you store your hot wheels car, you can enjoy it. Hot wheels truck carriercan be one of the best and unique solutions where you can store you hot wheels cars in style.

What is Hot Wheels Truck Carrier?

Hot wheel truck carrier is actually one type of hot wheel vehicles. It is a truck. Due to the size, hot wheels truck carrier cannot be played in the hot wheels tracks. However, hot wheels truck carrier can be used to store some hot wheels cars. As it is mentioned in the name, hot wheels truck carrier can be used to carrier hot wheels cars. We can make use of it to store some hot wheels cars in style. Storing your car in hot wheels truck carrier will give you different variation and experience. It will look more interesting.

Features Hot Wheels Truck Carrier

There are many kinds of hot wheels truck carrier. Mostly, they are classified by how many cars that can be carried by the truck. It can carry 10-50 hot wheels cars. Commonly, there are some expandable compartments and levels that can be used for storing or carrying hot wheels cars. Besides storing the cars, you can also use the truck carrier as a car launcher. You can connect the compartments with some straight tracts. It will be an interesting way to launch your car before entering your ultimate hot wheels tracks.


That’s all about hot wheels truck carrier. Generally, it is a useful vehicle that can be used to store or carry hot wheels cars. However, you can use it as a car launcher. Hopefully, some information about hot wheels truck carrier can be a good reference for you who have problem with storing your hot wheels cars.

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Hot Wheels Truck Jump That Will Amaze You

Have you ever heard about the hot wheels truck jump? This is the toy that is made for the real size and the real car that the real people are able to drive this car, but it is very sure that the car of this truck jump is not the ordinary truck and car that surely cannot be used in daily, the truck jump looks like a car toys from the hot wheel, but the hot wheel company makes the truck to be the real car that can be used for the show in order to increase the selling of the hot wheel car toys. But it is very fun to see the show and the video about this dazzling hot wheels truck jump.

Monster War Wizard Hot Wheels Truck Jump

For you who are interested in seeing this hot wheels truck jump in the show, you may need want to access the official site of the hot wheel to see the schedule of the hot wheel truck jump, and you need to know that this mesmerizing hot wheels truck jump has a special name that is given by the hot wheels company, this truck jump is called a monster war wizard. You can also find the picture of the truck and see that the truck has the blue color as the dominant or the main color of the truck with the general logo of the hot wheel brand is applied to the body of the truck which gives a status that the best and the bigger truck jump is made by the hot wheel company.

Hot Wheels Truck Jump Video

For you who are interested in seeing the show time of the hot wheels truck jump in the real time, you can find the schedule of the show, but if you cannot find the agenda about the show, do not be worried that you are still be able to see the show of the monster war wizard to wheels truck jump video on the internet, you will see the spectacular shows of the truck jump with driving through different kinds and the hard one of the terrain. Aside from that, the most important thing if you do really love this kind of truck, you can also have the miniature of the truck by immediately buy the truck toys in the hot wheel store or you can order at amazon which is surely buying it in the official site of the hot wheel.