Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver 2 can be the best game of the week to try. Although it is a simple game and seems outdated than other CGI game plays but there will always be a place for game with simplicity and entertaining vision like this. Yes, Hot Wheels feel really nostalgic for 90’s kids, but when every games are too great and powerful, sometimes you need an easy game like this. As PC game, you can download it easily because there are so many link downloads everywhere.

Reasons Why You Should Play Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver 2

To make it short, we describe a few reasons why you should play this game. You can play this game on your free time or giving this game to entertain your kid. Read our reasons below :

  • As a PC game, it is one of the best game on racing genre, with this sequel offers more challenging levels and tracks for you. Although the visual is maybe low compared with today’s racing game but it can be a plus point for people who want to get nostalgic and old school game feeling. Just like playing machine game on station when you were a kid, you will find an interesting memory on Hot Wheels.
  • One best reason about playing Hot Wheels game is because there are real collection of cars from the game you play. Actual car is really cool, well-designed and easily Favorited by many fanboys and gamers. Of course it would be fun to play the game when also seeking the actual car figures at same time.
  • Although the style and game play is very simple but you will still find yourself easy to feel addictive with this game. How to reach top levels and scores is not as easy as you think when this game also teach positive values such as you will get your reward (scores) as long as you keep doing your hard work (finishing the levels). When you are scared that many games are contain violence and adult contents, this is totally safe to play by your kids.

Hot Wheels Game To Boost Your Mood

So, what do you think, gamers? Ready to have fun a little with this Hot Wheels game? Not only it is easy and very simple game to do, but this game can boost your mood in the middle of your busy job or boring time. We totally hope you will love to try Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver 2!