Super Treasure Hunt ’63 Chevy II

Super Treasure Hunt ’63 Chevy II is the HW Flames series. This is a car with Spectraflame magenta that has the orange and yellow fire on the top and sides. 

Super Treasure Hunt The Mystery Machine

Super Treasure Hunt the Mystery Machine is the HW Screen Time series. Fans love the dark-green van because this van is also equipped with light green graphics and two orange flowers. 

Super Treasure Hunt 16 Angels

Super Treasure Hunt 16 Angels are part of the Holiday Racers series. This car has red and green graphics with glittering stars. This car also has a golden color that looks like an angel. The back is equipped with TH and the logo

Super Treasure Hunt Toyota Off-Road Truck

Super Treasure Hunt Toyota Steel Truck is a series of HW Speed Graphics. This car has a transition that can be lined up with a unique black color. Spectraflame aqua blue is the hallmark of this car. The Hot Wheels and Falken 

Super Treasure Hunt Surf Crate

Super Treasure Hunt Surf Crate is Surf’s Up series. You should see this red Spectraflame with a brown double line that has TH. The roof of this car is red. The side has Hot Wheels logo with silver and chocolate graphics.

Super Treasure Hunt ’17 Acura NSX

Super Treasure Hunt ’17 Acura NSX is included in the collection of Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt 2017. This toy car was actually released in 2016 as the series of Then and Now. It is because Acura NSX is included in the second generation of NSX collection.

Super Treasure Hunt ’67 Chevy C10

1967 Chevy C10 is included in the set of Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt 2017. It is also a part of the series of Hot Wheels Hot Trucks. So that this toy car is in the form of truck. Super Treasure Hunt ’67 Chevy C10is colored in light purple.

Super Treasure Hunt Batmobile (The Brave and the Bold)

Super Treasure Hunt Batmobile (the Brave and the Bold) is a part of set of Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt 2017. It is included in the series of Batman. This batman toy car has spectraflame in black color with grey and red stripes in the front and in the sides. Making it looks mysterious.

Super Treasure Hunt 2013 Viper SRT

As it can be seen from the name, 2013 Viper SRT is included in the set of Super Treasure Hunt 2017. It is also in the series of Hot Wheels Then and Now. Super Treasure Hunt 2013 Viper SRT has spectraflame which is in gold color and combined with black stripes.

Super Treasure Hunt Cruise Bruiser

Super Treasure Hunt Cruise Bruiser is in number 2 out of 10, in the series of Hot Wheels Daredevils. It has green spectraflame combined with graphics which are in olive color. It also has stripes in black color and there is number 92 painted in its sides and in its roof.

Super Treasure Hunt ’69 Chevelle SS 396

If you are an avid collector of miniature cars, then you will not go wrong by trying to get your hands on a super treasure hunt ’69 Chevelle SS 396. This beauty here is car number 3 out of 10 other cars included in the Muscle Mania series, a series where muscle cars reside.

Super Treasure Hunt 2005 Ford Mustang

Many miniature car collectors have been dying to get their hands on the Super Treasure Hunt 2005 Ford Mustang, which is a nice addition to their lists of miniature cars. Included in the 2017 Treasure Hunt, this piece is a part of Hot Wheels Race Team series,

Super Treasure Hunt ’67 Camaro

Camaro is a nice car on its own, but for collectors, they might find that the Super Treasure Hunt ’67 Camaro is even more precious than the real car. As per usual when it comes to muscle car, this piece is colored in bright colors that will

Super Treasure Hunt Velocita

If you think having a miniature sports car is better than having a real sports car, perhaps Super Treasure Hunt Velocita might be a good option for you. This miniature of a real-life sports car is as every bit as exact as its real counterpart.

Super Treasure Hunt Nissan Fairlady Z

If you are looking for an information on Super Treasure Hunt Nissan Fairlady Z, then look no further because this article got what you are looking for. The Nissan Fairlady Z that is included in Hot Wheels’ 2017 super treasure hunt