Hot Wheels $uper Trea$ure Hunt

Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt is a premium yet featured vehicle of the other series. If you look at the packaging, then you cannot guess that this is a unique car. You should look for Real Rider wheels, Spectra flame pain, and TH.

Porsche 934.5

It is part of the Nightburnerz series with sophisticated design. TH is located in the rear fender and Porsche adorn the door. This car has a blue interior with white wheels and a unique window. Gray plastic bases from Malaysia are used for this car. Mix C is the category of this vehicle. The Fresh Factory Series is the beginning of this car. This car has 590 horsepower with the 3.0-liter turbo engine.

Datsun 620

Another car is the Datsun 620 which has a camouflage hood and a Spectraflame green. This car has a circle with number 73 and Hot Wheels logo is in the hood. The wide black line is clearly visible with a small line. The gray interior makes this car look elegant with a black plastic base. This vehicle is in mixed A. The manufacture of this car is based on the design of a pickup truck with a compact body. The truck is a production from Nissan. Datsun launched on HW Off-Road – Hot Trucks in 2014.

There are many other cars that go into the series but those are some cool vehicles this year.