Hot wheels all terrain twister is a kind of kids’ toys to have at home. You may give this toy to your son. This is highly recommended for kids 8+. If your kids are less than 8+, forget to give it. The use of this toy is outdoor area. Don’t let your kids operate it in indoor because it is ruining the situation of your indoor area. Despite of those things, there are still more reasons making you buy this toy at home. What are they?

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Strong Speeding and Powerful

There are some reasons why you have to buy this toy. One of the reasons is about strong speeding. This kid’s toy is supported by a controller of radio 27mhz AM. You will get fun experience in controlling this toy car. This is caused by the only one toy with all interesting features when it was launched in 2004. It has a strong speeding when you see its weird shape and ability to riding to the water directly. It is possibly speed as it is operating. As a kid’s ship toy, it is very phenomenal with special transformation. Your kids can outpace this toy in outdoor area. In addition, it is very powerful when it has been charged fully. It is assembled better and great to present high quality toy for your kids.

Great Body, Great Performance

Hot wheels all terrain twister is able to conquer all terrains all the time. It doesn’t mean the season of today. But, this crazy toy is successfully handling it. With a slim pivot and unique glass door, this vehicle toy is varied and unstoppable when it is turning on the surface. The controller places the kids to be a driver. Easy operation for devices has two buttons that can direct to the front and back vehicles. Even, when those are facing to each other, it is compromising. This toy is available in some colors like red, green, blue, and orange. Every part is sold separately. The colors and designs can be varied based on the needs of customers.

Removable Battery

When your kids want to operate it, you should remind them to set its batteries. Don’t forget it. The battery becomes the only one power to enhance its performance. Luckily, the battery is removable so that you can remove and put it as it gets troubles. The battery type is AA controller 2x in which runtime per charge for 20 minutes before running Hot wheels all terrain twister

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