Hot wheels toy is not only monopoly of children. Older people also love to play the toy due to the excitement and challenge offered. Some people choose to build their own hot wheels track to meet their satisfaction, something they might not get from the ones bought in stores.

Hot Wheels Track Builder: How to Build Your Own Track

To create your own hot wheels track builder, there are some steps you have to accomplish.

1.     Preparing the Track

The first step is preparing the track. In this stage, you need something to sit your hot wheels track. The best choice you can take is using wood. To get the best wood for your track, there are two choices you can select, they are primed MDF board and standard common pine board. You can get those two types of wood either at Lowes or Home Depot. The two kinds of wood have their own strengthen and weaknesses. If you want something cheaper, the standard pine boards can be the best choice. But, the wood is not really tough and cannot stand straightly. If you prefer something tougher though in higher price, the MDF wood is best to select. The wood is not only nicer but it is also straight that will make it perfect for your toy’s track. To create two lane set up, it will be better if you pick up aboard with 3.5 inch of size. Meanwhile, for creating the track guides, you can use ¼ square dowels.

2.     Creating the Gate

The most common designs for track gate of hot wheels include a hinged door that can swing out and the one which cannot swing. To make a hinged door that is able to swing, you can place two boards on the side of the of the track while the other one should be put on the top. You can use Lexan Polycarbonate sheet since it is clear and enables you to view the line up of cars at the start. You can cut the sheet with electric jigsaw. To attach the sheet used for the door to the hinge, there are some items you can use include a small bolt or a piece of wood.

3.     Preparing Finish Line

Among all, finish line is the hardest to complete in the whole steps of making track for hot wheels. To create the best finish line that will meet your criteria, you can select from other sets or purchase from eBay. One of the most popular finish lines that is available in market is Hot Wheels 6 – Lane Raceway, though it is a bit pricey. You can modify the it with your own track for better performance.

The Types of Hot Wheels Track Set You Should Know

Basically, there are four types of hot wheels track set that gain high popularity among the toy’s lovers. However, if you use your imagination to combine those known types, you will find countless possibility. Here are the types of hot wheels track that you should know.

·         City Sets

This type of track is suitable the most for children between 3 up to 8 years old. That is why this city sets are designed to provide imaginative plays for the users. They also come with slower speed less stunts to ensure that the toy is safe to be played by children.

·         Large Vehicle

Just like the city set, this large vehicle is also especially designed for 3 up to 8 years old kids. The track is aimed to build the children’s motoric skills equipped with larger size of vehicles. There is another benefit you can get from this track set. This large vehicle will make it possible to have more spaces to store smaller cars.

·         Action Track

The next popular type is action track. It is especially created for crashing, racing, and stunts. Unlike the two previous types of tracks for hot wheels, the action track is suitable for children of 4 up to 10 years old. This track will be suitable the most for those who are seeking for adrenaline and excitement from the hot wheels toy they have.

·         Track Builder

This track builder is also addressed for 4 up to 10 years old children and can provide them with countless creativity. It will help your children to train their patience since they usually need hours to build and creating the best set up of hot wheels track. Due to the challenge given by the track builder, this track type is also liked by a lot of adults. There are even a lot of videos you can find on internet that will show you the tips to set up the track.

Hot Wheels Speed Racer Sky Jump
Hot Wheels Speed Racer Sky Jump

Tips to Buy the Rightest Hot Wheels Track Pack

Since hot wheels toy is actually designed for children, there are some things you have to consider well before finding the rightest hot wheels track pack for your little ones. This is very important since the track pack should not only make your children happy but also suitable for their needs.

1.     The Age of Your Kids

Before purchasing any track pack, you should consider your kid’s age first. This is because not all of tracks will be proper for younger age.

2.     What Will They Enjoy the Most?

This is important to ask question to yourself about what your children will enjoy the most for the track pack. Either it is creating or building, racing and stunts, or imagination and storytelling, your children should be able to enjoy it.

3.     Storage and Space

Hot wheels track pack can consume a lot of space. Thus, this is really crucial to consider the space you have at home before choosing certain type of hot wheels track. If you only have limited space at home, it will be better you avoid choosing track builder since it needs larger space.

4.     Compare Prices

Track pack for hot wheels can be very pricey sometimes. You are highly suggested to compare prices between one store to another. Consider to search for the item via online too.

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