Treasure Hunt Blast Lane

This 2017 Treasure Hunt Blast Lane was packed in the red look along with white stripes and Hot Wheels logo that you can see on the rear fender. The tank has a unique look by combining a blue and white graphic with starts on it.

Treasure Hunt Winning Formula

Treasure Hunt Winning Formula from Hot Wheels is now available in the market. This series gives you layout and features that are even greater than the previous ones. It has 1:64 scales die. This feature mainly refers to the special edition in which each item is protected by a special case.

Treasure Hunt Tooligan

In 2017, Hot Wheels releases one of the series demanded by many customers. It is Treasure Hunt Tooligan. The overall design is indeed epic. Despite it brings out the vibe of sporty and futuristic at once. Its bright yellow color also tends to make this series more unique. It is still added by the multi-tool appearance.

Treasure Hunt ‘Tooned ’69 Camaro Z28

Aside from the collections in sporty and modern designs, Hot Wheels is also known as the best toy manufacture that re-releases the classic ones. One of them is the Treasure Hunt ‘Tooned ’69 Camaro Z28. Well, if you want to have nostalgia with classic 60’s series, this one is recommended to buy.

Treasure Hunt Fangula

Do you want to add your collection of racing cars from Hot Wheels? Well, this series is worth to buy; Treasure Hunt Fangula. It still features sporty design with great combination of black and red along with white accents. Interestingly, it looks classic as well although the sporty vibe is still there. However, it doesn’t have number on its body.

Treasure Hunt Fandango

This is another series from Hot Wheels that is really enjoyable for children. When many other series are focused on whether it is classic or sporty, this one is different. Treasure Hunt Fandango is known more as the art car. It is proven by its unique design with domination of mural aside from the black and green.

Treasure Hunt HW Pursuit

There are many collections from Hot Wheels that are unique and also not easy to find. Maybe, this is one of them; the Treasure Hunt HW Pursuit. It is designed to meet the idea of sheriff car. It can be seen from the black color on its overall body and of course, the sheriff letter.

Treasure Hunt Arrow Dynamic

If meeting a cool design is the main reason why you buy Hot Wheels in the near future, this one is recommended. It is Treasure Hunt Arrow Dynamic. This series itself indeed has some options. But the best one is the Arrow Dynamic Yellow and Turquoise. Well, it depends on your taste actually.

Treasure Hunt Pharodox

It is reasonable to say that kids and toddlers must love this toy car series. Yes, Hot Wheels presents Treasure Hunt Pharodox. It brings out cool and unique design although it doesn’t represent the any real car just like what has commonly done by this brand.

Treasure Hunt So Plowed

Hot Wheels basically doesn’t release so many car series with pick up designs. Therefore, when there is one of them, it should be grabbed faster. One of them is Treasure Hunt So Plowed. The design is really good and attractive with the combination of white, blue, and gold. More than that, it is also the uncommon series with visible interior.

Treasure Hunt 24 Ours

Hot Wheels indeed releases so many series with great designs and colors. However, only few of them that offer this one; glowing colors. So, if you are interested in it, be sure to buy Treasure Hunt 24 Ours. Well, the glow yellow added by orange stripes is what makes this series special. 

Treasure Hunt Pedal Driver

Treasure Hunt Pedal Driver has several series awaited by fans around the world. The toy is decorated with a beautiful blue color and yellow and red lines that look lit. You can see the thin line on this toy called Ride-Ons. The factory uses a red production symbol for this toy

Treasure Hunt Dragon Blaster

Treasure Hunt Dragon Blaster has a body that looks cool. This product is designed with a body that looks like a dragon with a purple color. The dragon body also has black and green scales on the back. The production symbol is drawn with orange and black color on the head. 

Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels Ford Transit Connect

Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels the Ford Transit Connect is a series of HW City Works. This product is a black van with a unique design. The body gets pizza slice with Pizza Express. The production symbol is at the bottom and the Hot Wheels logo is clearly marked on the body of the car. 

Treasure Hunt Blade Raider

Treasure Hunt Blade Raider stole fans’ attention. This car is in the category of HW Digital Circuit. This car has a variety of logos with the yellow fire that looks lit and hot. The black box is a hood with various sides neatly. The Hot Wheels logo will be a production symbol with a low side and a spoiler in the back.