Treasure Hunt Sting Rod II

For most Hot Wheels lovers, you might have been familiar to the Treasure Hunt Sting Rod II series. Having been released for 8 years, the newest version is 2018 one. Generally, you can tell a Hot Wheels is Treasure Hunt Sting Rod II series, you will be able to find a single mold of three rockets on the back. These rockets can be moved up and down. Items that make this year series different is that there are two varieties.

Treasure Hunt El Viento

In the Treasure Hunt 2018 series of Hot Wheels, one of them is known as Treasure Hunt El Viento. The marketing team of the company chose this name from Spanish which means “the wind”. They name this one after El Viento because this Treasure Hunt El Viento can go as fast as the wind. Similar to the Treasure Hunt Sting Rod II, this series also has two types of car.

Treasure Hunt Tanknator

A little bit different to other Treasure Hunt 2018 series, the Treasure Hunt Tanknator does not resemble a usual car which carries passengers. Instead, the Treasure Hunt Tanknator appeals the Hot Wheels Lovers and collectors by its tank-looking vehicle. They release two different kinds of Treasure Hunt Tanknator.

Treasure Hunt Street Stealth

The Street Stealth is included in 2018 Treasure Hunt which is the latest product from Hot Wheels. It is also included in one out of five in the series of Hot Wheels Moto. This motorbike got a black top part above the Malaysia body that is made from a yellow metal. All the sides of this Treasure Hunt Street Stealth are decorated with various decorations, such as Z stripes of gray, black, and white, the logo of Hot Wheels, and production symbol.

Treasure Hunt Zombot

The Zombot or the series name called FKB32 is included in 2018 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt. It is number 4 out of 5 in the series of Hot Wheels robots. Just like the series, this vehicle has a robotic form. This vehicle toy is dominated by red with the graphics of white and yellow. The symbol of low production is found on one side while the typical logo of Hot Wheels is on the other side.

Treasure Hunt Rockster

The Rockster has FKB23 as its series name. It is a product of 2018 Treasure Hunt and the ninth out of tenth in the series of Hot Wheels Sports. This toy is in the form of a blue SUV car which is decorated with various graphics such as white, red, and orange mountain

Treasure Hunt Blitzspeeder

Treasure Hunt Blitzspeeder is the part of 2018 Treasure Hunt and the Super Chromes series. The interesting part of this car is on the gold chrome body and trim along with black metal Malaysia base. You can see the Hot Wheels logo on the side of the car clearly and the low production symbol.

Treasure Hunt Rrroadster

If meeting a cool design is the main reason why you buy Hot Wheels in the near future, this one is recommended. It is Treasure Hunt Arrow Dynamic. This series itself indeed has some options. But the best one is the Arrow Dynamic Yellow and Turquoise. Well, it depends on your taste actually.

Treasure Hunt Kool Kombi

Most Hot Wheels collectors are finding Treasure Hunt Kool Kombi because of its uniqueness. The first uniqueness is on the design of the vehicle which different than any other Hot Wheel car series. Moreover, the purple color makes this van looks eye-catching and cute to see.

Treasure Hunt Bump Around

If you want to have a miniature of a “bump around” car, you may take the Treasure Hunt Bump Around on your Hot Wheels collection. This car is included on the 2018 Treasure Hunt car series and 4/5 in the HW Fun Park series. To make the car looks interesting, Hot Wheels apply the combination between yellow and blue lighting stripes. J

Treasure Hunt Hollowback

One of the reasons why you have to buy a Hot Wheels Glow Wheels series is that of the Treasure Hunt Hollowback. This is one of several purple cars in the Hot Wheels series. The best part of this car is on its model and the ability to glow in the dark.

Treasure Hunt Quick Bite

The treasure hunt quick bite is a food truck that has a dark green body with the signs of “Asada Sushi Burritos”. It is a part of the Fast Foodie series. On the side of the truck, you can also see food characters that are depicted as cute in black, white and red.

Treasure Hunt Ratical Racer

You can find Treasure Hunt Ratical Racer as a part of Street Beasts series. As such, it is no surprise that it has the sleek look of a racing car. Its body is dominated by blue. It also has spiked graphics in tan on the rooftop of the car and its hood.

Treasure Hunt Batmobile

If you are a fan of Batman and you love collecting Hot Wheels, then Treasure Hunt Batmobile is the right choice for you. Batmobile is a part of Batman series. Aside from Treasure Hunt Batmobile, you can also find four other cars.

Treasure Hunt Crate Racer

In this year of 2018, Hot Wheels has released their Treasure Hunt 2018 series. One of the released cars is Treasure Hunt Crate Racer. Not like most of other Treasure Hunt series, this Crate Racer first debut is only 2 years ago in 2016.