Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt was a set of the chase car which having lower production run than you can get regular Hot Wheels series. They usually have their own series until 2013 when they start to hidden along with other series, such as HW Racing and HW City as well. However, a set of Treasure Hunt had been released in every year since 1995. So, the latest one is produced in 2017.

What you should know about Super Treasure Hunts?

Super Treasure Hunts become the premium version from regular Treasure Hunt which is usually has real rider wheels and spectra flame paint as well. They were first debuted on 2007 and their production was smaller than you can get on regular Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt.

How you identify the Treasure Hunts?

A 2017 set is the collection from low production cars were hidden randomly into other series as well. To identify it then you should be able to find the low production symbol. The symbol was placed somewhere on the car and it might be occurred on the car or behind the car, however there is not guarantee at all. You should now that the card never reveals that this car is Treasure Hunt, so you can look for that symbol.