Hot Wheels RED Edition

Talking about Hot Wheels, you may be in love with the series of Hot Wheels RED Edition which make lots of people are interested in collecting some of them. Sure, if you love collecting the wide ranges of Hot Wheels, then you may be interested in hunting the unique collection ones, including the red ranges of the Hot Wheels. …

Hot Wheels Zamac Edition

As Hot Wheels lover, you may want to collect every latest series released by Hot Wheels. For example is Hot Wheels Zamac Series. Those are released for Hot Wheels lovers, because Mattel Inc celebrated 50th birthday. As gift for fans, the company has released Hot Wheels Zamac Edition.

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt was a set of the chase car which having lower production run than you can get regular Hot Wheels series. They usually have their own series until 2013 when they start to hidden along with other series,

Hot Wheels $uper Trea$ure Hunt

Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt is a premium yet featured vehicle of the other series. If you look at the packaging, then you cannot guess that this is a unique car. You should look for Real Rider wheels, Spectra flame pain, and TH.