Zamac 73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car

If you want to collect rare toys car, you can collect Zamac 73 BMW 3.0 CSL Rare Car. It is one of Hot Wheels Zamac Edition series. Because it is Zamac edition, it means the color looks silver

Zamac Ford Focus RS

Zamac Ford Focus RS is one of Hot Wheels Zamac Edition. It is rare toy car collected by Hot Wheels lover. You can also collect this toy car. Because it is rare care, you can use it for your investment.

Zamac 67 Pontiac GTO

Are you looking for rare toy car? If so, Zamac 67 Pontiac GTO is good recommendation for you. Mattel Inc has released Zamac 67 Pontiac GTO with other toy cars called Zamac series.

Zamac Dodge Charger Daytona

If you like collecting Hot heels toy car, you can’t skip collecting Zamac Dodge Charger Daytona. It is one of Zamac series released by Mattel Inc in 50th birthday.

Zamac Custom ’01 Acura Integra GSR

Do you like collecting Hot Wheels toy car? If so, you can buy Zamac Custom ’01 Acura Integra GSR. You may have known that Zamac series are rare. It means that you have to get all toy cars of Zamac series.

Zamac Zotic

Hot Wheels Zamac Series has become one of most wanted series. Zamac Zotic is one of Zamac series released by Mattel Inc. It has unique looks and design, compare to other toy cars that are included into Zamac Series.

Zamac Volkswagen Beetle

Are you a collector of die-cast car? If so, you can’t skip collecting Zamac Volkswagen Bettle. It is one of Hot Wheels Zamac edition released in Mattel’s 50th birthday.

Zamac Street Creeper

As Hot Wheels lover, you may want to collect every toy car of Zamac Series. Yes, Zamac series called as rare series. How about Zamac Street Creeper? It is one of Zamac series that looks unique, because the design is different from other Hot Wheels toy cars.

Zamac Ram 1500

As Hot Wheels lover, you may not want to skip collecting Zamac RAM 1500. Zamac RAM 1500 is one of Hot Wheels Zamac series. The design looks unique and different from other cars of Zamac series.

Zamac Porsche 993 GT2

Zamac Porsche 993 GT2 is one of Hot Wheels Zamac Series. It is 10/10 in the 2017 Factory Fresh series. You can’t skip collecting this toy car because it looks so awesome with silver look. It has silver look because it is unpainted toy car.

Zamac 32 Ford

You might not know that ZAMAC is the acronym for Zinc, Alumunium, Magnesium and Comber which were combined into Hot Wheels series and other great toy cars which were made from. The Zamac car was basically the unpainted car or base as well. The term of Zamac car was been first used in 1998.

Zamac Ford Shelby GT350R

The Zamac series were hidden in the front of eyes for many years as the unpainted treasures. To celebrate 50th from Hot Wheels, this great metal series provide you with die hard series. This is pure of flames and muscle. It means that this car does not primer among most popular lists.

Zamac 68 Dodge Dart

Hot Wheels 68 Dodge Dart 8/10 was produced in 2017 HW Flames along with set of 2 cars, they are: orange and Zamac or the unpainted one. These series were matched with all Hot Wheels collectors want. Of course each car comes with its original individual package

Zamac 71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon

The history of Hot Wheels can be seen by their amazing cars from overall series. There are many extraordinary facts about car toys. You might not know that Hot Wheels car was firstly produced in the dark blue custom Camaro around 1968

Zamac D-Muscle

Since 1968, Hot Wheels become one of popular items for any car-loving kid’s toy box. Beside their pernickety attention to detail, they also offer you with speeds when they were going down from plastic ramps. It means that designer is give much attention for any detail

Zamac Blast Lane

When your childhood was filled by race and drive, then you might have great nostalgic with Hot Wheels. Even not only children who like this car, there are many collectors come from variety ages including of adults as well. There are many die-cast cars were produced by Hot Wheels that bring them to the next level.

Zamac Custom Ford Bronco

You might not know that The Mattel, Inc was first debuted their Hot Wheels cars in 1968 and had produced them ever since. There are many collectors who loving these Hot Wheels were actually order than they were. These cars bring you into new imagination related to run wild.

Zamac 67 Camaro

The Camaro Convertible was redesigned around 2006 from the first 67 Camaro was produced and released in 1968. The Hot Wheels named it as Custom Camaro because it has door outlines. Last year, 2017 Zamac 67 Camaro series were available on market.