5 Top Youtube Channels where you can Watch Hotwheels Videos

If you are an a video fan of Hot Wheels or any diecast toys, then, it is highly possible that you are looking for Hotwheels videos to watch. Actually, searching any videos that feature Hot Wheels as their main show is a pretty minuscule task to do since Hot Wheels is a popular diecast franchise that a lot of people love. However, in order to ease your effort in searching for them, this article has compiled several YouTube channels that are considered the best in serving any videos which contain Hot Wheels. Well, let’s check them out!

Top channels

Below you can find the best channels. Each of them has videos with Hot Wheels. It is up to you to watch them, but you would never regret!

  1. RaceGrooves

The first YouTube channel you can visit to watch videos featuring Hot Wheels is RaceGrooves. This channel, although it might not exactly a channel you might have heard of, this channel is actually worth visiting since the videos uploaded by the channel are always pleasing to watch. The channel itself is owned by an American named Mark Kasimoff and he owns an office in California where you can always visit, but make sure you make an appointment first. The office is interesting since there are so many toys, including Hot Wheels that you can play in there!

When you check out the channel, you can see that the channel has 626 thousand subscribers that are always eager to watch every video it uploads. Well, actually, this channel does not only upload videos featuring Hot Wheels, but it also uploads the videos which feature a wide variety of toys, although the toys are mostly toy cars from various brands. By the way, the channel is family-friendly so you would not need to worry about harmful contents when your children or any younger family members watch its contents, including the Hotwheels videos. Well, the channel’s subscribers, although not too many, are still rapidly increasing.

Link to visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/racegrooves/featured


The next channel on YouTube which regularly uploads videos featuring Hot Wheels is the GHOSTJERKER (with full caps). This channel is a good thing to visit, especially when looking for toy car videos. The videos, although have relatively limited quality compared to other similar channels, are still interesting to watch and the videos are pleasant pieces of entertainment for our eyes. GHOSTJERKER is a toy car YouTube channel owned by three people who are Chris, Emmanuel, and Josh. The three guys mentioned are related since Chris is a father and the two others are his children. For unknown reasons, this American family never gives up their surname.

The channel currently has 393 thousand subscribers and they are all loyal in terms of waiting for a new video from the channel. The channel, aside from the Hotwheels videos, also features several topics that are related to toy cars, like track building, product reviews, tips and tricks, and other things else. By the way, following this channel is actually a wise thing to do since any subscriber who is lucky enough may get a chance to get involved and participate in a race facilitated by this channel and you can also pick a winning car, as well as getting a shout out. Now, if you are interested, click the link below to visit its YouTube channel.

Link to visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/GHOSTJERKER/about

  1. The Lamley Group

Now, let’s check out the next YouTube channel that you can visit to watch videos which feature Hot Wheels, which is The Lamley Group. Well, to be honest, this one will be kind of biased since this channel is our favorite channel that we usually visit when we need any information regarding Hot Wheels. The channel itself has a lot of videos that we can watch. By the way, the channel itself is somehow mysterious since the owner of the channel does not display anything that can describe his/her personal identity, so this article would not be commenting too much regarding that matter. If there is any information regarding the channel, the only thing available would be a link to the blog spot that the channel has, and the blog spot is related to the channel in terms of contents it displays.

So, what are the videos you can find on this channel? Obviously, the most numerous kind of video that you would find is the Hotwheels videos, which you can find on the channel and they are pretty numerous but also detailed. You can find several topics that are related to Hot Wheels in this channel, such as Hot Wheels unboxing, product review, Treasure Hunts review, and even, there are several videos which make a comparison between Treasure Hunt models and the standard ones! Obviously, you can use this channel as a reference when hunting for rare models such as the famous Treasure Hunts and Super Treasure Hunts!

Link to visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1CNw4lEQaflRG0orNnroeQ/featured

  1. Hot Wheels

It is absolutely an undeniable fact that an article which is discussing Hotwheels videos would definitely not complete without mentioning the channel which is owned by Hot Wheels itself. Now, of course, you will get the best videos featuring Hot Wheels from this channel since every video from Hot Wheels channel are made with the most advanced capturing method and they all have the best quality; something to be expected from a channel which belongs to a professional company! Since it is an official channel, it has the most numerous followers compared to the previous channels mentioned earlier; at about 1.2 million accounts are currently following it.

Of course, you would expect the best from this channel, would you not? And your expectation will be completely fulfilled since the channel has everything you would expect. From product highlights, live streams, and even action videos (which involve Hot Wheels toys) can be found here! But you need to expect a bit of advertisement, though!

Link to visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/HOTWHEELS/videos

  1. AToyZ.Video

AToyZ. Video might not be the best to show hotwheels videos but I think at AToyZ. Video is quite a lot of videos videos about diecast indonesian, that can be made a reference. because Indonesia is also one of the countries that has a mattel factory, I think AToyZ. Video is very interesting to be made in reference in terms of video hotwheels Videos.

Link to visit: https://www.youtube.com/atoyz

Those are the channels you can visit. All of them are great channels and you will be satisfied after visiting them. Now, watch the Hotwheels videos you want!

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