For you who love to play hot wheels, hot wheels track builder 5 lane tower starter set can be the good option for you. Starter set can help you to build you ultimate hot wheels track. In the starter set, commonly you can find many different pieces of tracks and also the additional features. You can build your track by combining those different pieces of track. In the starter set, usually, there will be one theme that is taken. The theme will be the main characteristic of the track. Hot Wheels track builder 5 lane tower starter set offers a tower theme as the main characteristic of the set. It means that there will be a tower that needs to be built. It will give different experience because tower will also accelerate the car in the beginning. We are going to discuss further about this started set.

Hot Wheels Super 6-lane Raceway
Hot Wheels Super 6-lane Raceway

Overview Hot Wheels Track Builder 5 Lane Tower Starter Set

Hot wheel track builder 5 lane tower starter set allows you to build a tower as the core of the track. The tower will take a part as the car launcher. The car will run faster because it is launched from the tower. It will give you more thrills. You can launch some cars from four different directions. It will give you more interesting and unique experience of racing. So it is like some ramps that are combined in one tower. There will be a single track in the first three car launcher. However, in the top of tower, there will two ultimate race tracks that can be used to do a race. After the cars are launched from the tower, there will some accessories such as fiery gate and radar tower stunt that can be used to decorate the set. You can also combine and continue the set with other types of track. The tower will be a perfect launcher for high speed race.

How to Build Hot Wheels Track Builder 5 Lane Tower Starter Set

First you have to build the tower. The tower will be divided into some parts. You have to unite those parts correctly and ensure that it is perpendicular. After that you need prepare the launcher. It will be put in the edges of the tower. There are four launchers that you need to put. After that you need to prepare some straight and curve tracks. The curve tracks are attached to the launchers. It will create some slopes. After that, add some straight tracks using the connectors. 

This starter set will give different experience in playing hot wheels. That’s all about hot wheels track builder 5 lane tower starter set. Hopefully, it will become a good reference for you to choose the kind of starter set.  

Hot Wheels Race Track

If you think that hot wheels race track is only about cars collection, then you have to change your mind. Indeed, hot wheels track is more popular for the resemblance of the car toys collections, but the set also offers some accessories, in which you can modify your ride and make it look much cooler. These accessories also can be used as special equipment with specific advantages, so the game will turn out more intriguing. This will definitely advance the experience of playing the games with additional features.

What Are the Features?

When it comes to hot wheels track, one of the top brand of children’s toys supplier, you can always expect more from it. The toys have another additional feature, which is called as play table feature. This feature consists of hot wheels collection, hot wheels track, and hot wheel newsletter. This is an extension from hot wheels track, in which they are available in many models. Aside from that, you can also collect hot wheels truck jump. The toy is created to resemble the real size of the actual car. However, the car to the truck is extraordinary that you will not find it anywhere else.

Assouline hot wheels Track book
Assouline hot wheels Track book

Die-cast Models Wholesale

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How to Order

After you make up your mind on which product you are about to purchase, move to the shopping cart page. Over there, you will be greeted by several options, in which you can pay through credit card or PayPal. If you have coupons, you can also use the code to get more discounts. Besides that, you can also redeem a gift certificate for it. Once you finish filling in your personal information, you will be directed by some instructions and purchase it. The procedure is relatively easy; thus, you do not have to worry about it.

Hot Wheels Track: All Things You Need to Know

Hot wheels toy is not only monopoly of children. Older people also love to play the toy due to the excitement and challenge offered. Some people choose to build their own hot wheels track to meet their satisfaction, something they might not get from the ones bought in stores.

Hot Wheels Track Builder: How to Build Your Own Track

To create your own hot wheels track builder, there are some steps you have to accomplish.

1.     Preparing the Track

The first step is preparing the track. In this stage, you need something to sit your hot wheels track. The best choice you can take is using wood. To get the best wood for your track, there are two choices you can select, they are primed MDF board and standard common pine board. You can get those two types of wood either at Lowes or Home Depot. The two kinds of wood have their own strengthen and weaknesses. If you want something cheaper, the standard pine boards can be the best choice. But, the wood is not really tough and cannot stand straightly. If you prefer something tougher though in higher price, the MDF wood is best to select. The wood is not only nicer but it is also straight that will make it perfect for your toy’s track. To create two lane set up, it will be better if you pick up aboard with 3.5 inch of size. Meanwhile, for creating the track guides, you can use ¼ square dowels.

2.     Creating the Gate

The most common designs for track gate of hot wheels include a hinged door that can swing out and the one which cannot swing. To make a hinged door that is able to swing, you can place two boards on the side of the of the track while the other one should be put on the top. You can use Lexan Polycarbonate sheet since it is clear and enables you to view the line up of cars at the start. You can cut the sheet with electric jigsaw. To attach the sheet used for the door to the hinge, there are some items you can use include a small bolt or a piece of wood.

3.     Preparing Finish Line

Among all, finish line is the hardest to complete in the whole steps of making track for hot wheels. To create the best finish line that will meet your criteria, you can select from other sets or purchase from eBay. One of the most popular finish lines that is available in market is Hot Wheels 6 – Lane Raceway, though it is a bit pricey. You can modify the it with your own track for better performance

The Types of Hot Wheels Track Set You Should Know

Basically, there are four types of hot wheels track set that gain high popularity among the toy’s lovers. However, if you use your imagination to combine those known types, you will find countless possibility. Here are the types of hot wheels track that you should know.

·         City Sets

This type of track is suitable the most for children between 3 up to 8 years old. That is why this city sets are designed to provide imaginative plays for the users. They also come with slower speed less stunts to ensure that the toy is safe to be played by children.

·         Large Vehicle

Just like the city set, this large vehicle is also especially designed for 3 up to 8 years old kids. The track is aimed to build the children’s motoric skills equipped with larger size of vehicles. There is another benefit you can get from this track set. This large vehicle will make it possible to have more spaces to store smaller cars.

·         Action Track

The next popular type is action track. It is especially created for crashing, racing, and stunts. Unlike the two previous types of tracks for hot wheels, the action track is suitable for children of 4 up to 10 years old. This track will be suitable the most for those who are seeking for adrenaline and excitement from the hot wheels toy they have.

·         Track Builder

This track builder is also addressed for 4 up to 10 years old children and can provide them with countless creativity. It will help your children to train their patience since they usually need hours to build and creating the best set up of hot wheels track. Due to the challenge given by the track builder, this track type is also liked by a lot of adults. There are even a lot of videos you can find on internet that will show you the tips to set up the track.

Tips to Buy the Rightest Hot Wheels Track Pack

Since hot wheels toy is actually designed for children, there are some things you have to consider well before finding the rightest hot wheels track pack for your little ones. This is very important since the track pack should not only make your children happy but also suitable for their needs.

1.     The Age of Your Kids

Before purchasing any track pack, you should consider your kid’s age first. This is because not all of tracks will be proper for younger age.

2.     What Will They Enjoy the Most?

This is important to ask question to yourself about what your children will enjoy the most for the track pack. Either it is creating or building, racing and stunts, or imagination and storytelling, your children should be able to enjoy it.

3.     Storage and Space

Hot wheels track pack can consume a lot of space. Thus, this is really crucial to consider the space you have at home before choosing certain type of hot wheels track. If you only have limited space at home, it will be better you avoid choosing track builder since it needs larger space.

4.     Compare Prices

Track pack for hot wheels can be very pricey sometimes. You are highly suggested to compare prices between one store to another. Consider to search for the item via online too.

Challenging and Extreme Hot Wheel Tracks

Hot Wheel tracks are one of interesting parts when you play Hot Wheel. In the next development, Hot Wheel offers several types of tracks from the easy one up to the difficult one. Even, you can also build your own Hot Wheel track version by using bricks. To make this toy more interesting to play, you should know the list of the track first.

  • Hot Wheel Flip Tower Track

This track is customization track. Your beloved boys can build their own track to get different challenge and race experience. A set of hot wheel flip tower track is supported by stunts, layouts, and essential pieces. In flip tower track version, your boy is playing with a high voltage tower track. To make it interesting, just build a track and try to take down the tower. One of the obstacles you should face is flipped track. If your car can’t stand with this obstacle, it will be flipped off. The more difficult the track, it will be fun. Let your beloved boys use their imagination while playing with this track.

  • Hot Wheel Daredevil Drop Stunt

It is also considered as one of popular Hot Wheel tracks. Daredevil drop stunt is a challenging track. The car is run from the top of drop down. The best part is on the leap through the ring of fire. The excitement is not done yet. At the bottom, there are several cars and you have to be careful because it might be knocked your car and you lose.    

  • Hot Wheel 5-Lane Tower Starter Set

This track is aThe cool part is that you can use 5 Hot Wheel cars from four different directions. First, the car will be race on sky high ramps, radar tower stunt, jump through flames, and side by side race. You may add this track with additional features. The features are sold separately. The race competition will be more fun and challenging. Your boys will love this track.

  • Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race Track Set

Just decide the fastest car by let them passing through a loop. It is a 3 foot tall loop and it is only a high speed car which can pass this track. Prepare your car well otherwise it flipped down. This is special track along with additional 4D batteries.

For your information, those Hot Wheel tracks are designed for boys around 3 years old up to 4 years old. You may buy one of the Hot Wheels tracks above for their special birthday gift.  

Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race Trackset
Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race Trackset

Top Hot Wheels Race Track You Must Have

One of the fun parts in playing Hot Wheels Race is choosing the track. There are a lot of Hot Wheels race tracks available along with different challenges. Some of them are considered as the most favorite hot wheels race track. Check the list below and get your best track and beat the challenge.

Criss Cross Hot Wheels Track

The more players who join the competition, the more excited the competition. The best track you can choose is the Criss Cross track. This track is a good option for 4 Hot Wheels cars. The track is not only offering an ordinary Hot Wheels cars race but it is also about the crashing the cars. Due to the purpose of the track, the launcher is designed with full power in its first push. Moreover, Criss Cross track is a great option for parents who want their children to increase problem-solving skills.

Super Speed Blastway Hot Wheels Track

If you want to give something simple, Super Speed Blastway Hot Wheels track is a good answer. Because of that, this Hot Wheels track is suitable for all ages players from toddler to elderly who love this toy. The track is also smaller than Criss Cross track in which it can be used for two cars only. The pop-up finish flag makes the competition looks real and it is easy to see the winner. Just like the name of the track, the main function of the track is to test the speed. The fastest car is the winner. The track is strong enough so it is not easily broken even if some of the children upset and do something with the track. The parts of the tracks are also compatible with another Hot Wheels tracks.

Race Crate Hot Wheels Track

If you want to feel the real competition and find the best car, you can install a race crate Hot Wheels track. Before that, you need to prepare a large space because the track will be big. This track is a good option to decide the best Hot Wheels car because of the obstacles. Just imagine that your car has to pass through 3 greatest obstacles such as gravity drop, mega jump, and drag race. It seems that you and your children need more time to install the circuit because it is more complex than the ordinary tracks. Despite the complexity, the track is designed for all age players from children to parents.  

Roto Revolution Hot Wheels Track

Each of Hot Wheels tracks has its challenge including Roto Revolution. This track looks simple but it doesn’t lose its fun and excitement. The great challenge when you play with this track is avoiding the diecast disaster. The Hot Wheels cars have to rotate the track with high speed. The track is used for two Hot Wheels cars and the fun part is when the cars meet each other because it may cause a great crash. This track is a suitable option for those who only have a small space at home.

Versus Hot Wheels Track

Some Hot Wheels players love to see smash and crash to see the strongest car. If it is so, they have to play with a Versus Hot Wheels track. Just like the name of the track, the cars are involved in a challenging competition by using a side-by-side or head-to-head track. The key is using the maximum speed and let the cars determine their fate in the track. Interestingly, you can record the competition or the best action by using a smartphone or tablet on a recording stand and then share the result with your friends.

Total Turbo Takeover Hot Wheels Track

If you love to play with a big circuit, you have to consider Total Turbo Takeover Hot Wheels track. This is a tongue-twister circuit and a large in size. While installing this track you can imagine that you are an architect of a stunning Hot Wheels circuit. You may combine any tracks with this track to make the circuit more innovative and challenging. You may use the track as a single circuit or for two players.

Track Builder Stunt Box

For those who want to be an architect or let your beloved children design their own Hot Wheels circuit, you may buy a Track Builder Stunt Box. By using this package, you and your beloved children are able to create up to 35 different tracks. Because of that, you are able to create a circuit with a variety of obstacles such as jump, loop, twister, and many more. You may also set the circuit whether it is for a speed race, smash or crash. This track is a good option for those who want to increase your problem-solving skills.  

Loop Launcher Hot Wheels Track

Some Hot Wheels lovers love to see the cars spin on the track. If you also the one who enjoy it, just go with the loop launcher Hot Wheels track. One thing that makes this track fun to use is because it seems that you are about to put your favorite Hot Wheels cars to a roller coaster. The car will be pushed with full power and acceleration to spin in the loop launcher Hot Wheels track. The biggest challenge is to defeat gravitation. The slower cars will be failed and smashed to the ground and out of the track. You can design 5 different tracks such as a spin launch, loop launcher, lift and launch, turn kicker, and 2-lane launcher.

Workshop Hot Wheels Track

This track is a perfect option for those who love to give multiple obstacles on the track. You may install a challenging circuit along with loops, twists, and turns. You can create new tracks anytime you want because it is able to install with different pieces of tracks. Indeed, the track helps to improve your imagination of how to design a massive and great Hot Wheels cars track. There is a utility handle in the package and it is useful enough to bring all the pieces anywhere you want.   

Conclusion For Hot Wheels Race Track

Playing with Hot Wheels toy is fun because you are not only involved with the car but also with the track. There are also a variety of tracks you can design and some of them are mentioned above. Besides achieving the fun sensation, you or your children can improve a specific skill such as problem-solving skills and creativity skills. What a perfect toy for your children, right? this hot wheels from mattel is a good choice

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set, Cheap But Great For Your Little Son

Hot wheels wall tracks starter set seems a very good idea for your little son’s biggest dream. Either you prepare for their birthday gift or just want to give Christmas’ surprise, this wall tracks will be the amazing gift they will love to see. As we know that Hot Wheels is known for the racing games but actually they also sell car collection figures and loop tracks that will be fun to play for kids. On this article, we will give you details about Hot Wheels Wall Tracks and some advantages of buying it for your little son. Keep reading it below!

Favorite Toy For Boy : Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

Why Hot wheel wall tracks? The design and features is really great for kid’s play, completed with its fair price that will fit your standard budget. Don’t worry because you will not find it is difficult to set and build because the track is already well-arranged when you buy it. It is also difficult to ruin or broke, so it is a nice guarantee for you little son’s happiness.

Advantages of Buying Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

If you want to find some advantages of buying this wall tracks, read these description as your list before officially pay for it :

  • Kids are always imaginative and want something fun or exciting. Usually after they are done with one toy, they want another toy with cooler or greater functions. Especially for boys, they always want everything related to cars and automotive. That is why you will find advantage to buy Hot Wheels wall tracks. It is a racing track in new features, totally cool and well-designed. When your kid feels boring with standard racing track, this Hot Wheels for wall track is available in newest style your kid want.
  • It is easy to set on the wall and won’t give a mess like other racing track. Once it is set on the wall, the set won’t broke on the floor so they can play a game over and over again. The setup and the whole track itself is very nice, interesting with ups and downs features that will make the racing game feels more exciting.

So, are you interested with this awesome wall tracks from Hot Wheels? When usual racing loop track is too ordinary for your little son (or maybe you bought him already) this wall tracks is totally great consideration. Make it on your son’s room and he will definitely love this

Hot Wheels Double Loop Track For Your Kid’s Best Gift

Hot wheels double loop track is one must-have item for kid’s favorite toys. In a kid’s age, usually they want everything : toys, car or action figures, games and superhero outfits. Not only that, racing track is also one of kid’s biggest dream. Now, as a parent, maybe you consider to buy them a loop track but don’t know what should buy or where to buy. That is why we want to introduce you to Hot Wheels double loop tracks, which can be suitable for your kid’s best gift on their special birthday or for Christmas. To know better why you should buy this, let’s read the explanations below :

Why Hot Wheels Double Loop Track Is The Best Gift For Your Kid

  • To complete their toys collection, this racing track is absolutely incredible for them. Other racing loop tracks are difficult to handle and control but this one is easily to play. The tracks are challenging and very good to keep the race going up and down, so the kid won’t find car is stuck or suddenly stop.
  • Judged from its design, this Hot Wheels loop track is very eye-catchy and lovely for kid’s taste. Very colorful and boyish, so it won’t be outdated even if you keep it for so long years.
  • What about price? Compared with other racing toys with unknown brand or design, this Hot Wheels track is cheaper than ever. With tracks, cars and other tools to complete the racing game, we can say that the price worth to pay.

How To Get Double Loop Track Easily Online

So how to get it easily online? Maybe you want a fast delivery because you don’t have much time to get it directly from toy stores or Amazon. No problem because now so many online sites are available to sell this loop track Hot Wheels. When usually you will get “out of stock” notifications from direct stores, on internet you can find it easily on so many online shopping. If you are lucky enough, sometimes there is a discount or some promotions about this loop track.

Overall, getting this Hot Wheels track can be the best recommendation if you don’t know what kind of gift to give to your kid. When you don’t want to buy too expensive gift but also want to satisfy them, it is a great offer to buy