Hot Wheels is a popular toy cars brand from America. The toys have been produced since 1968 by a company namely Mattel. There are hundreds of toy cars offered until today. Hot Wheels lovers often need to find the latest information about Hot Wheels race track and cars. To accommodate it, they can go to a specific portal such as Hot Wheels wiki.

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The best part of using Hot Wheels wiki is that you can find any latest information about Hot Wheels fast and easy. You just need to go to the official website and get the information you want. For specific information, you may find it based on the year and collection.

Just imagine that you can find the information about Hot Wheels from the first collection which is from 1968 until the recent year and it is still updated. The toys are also classified based on the collection such as the cars from the flying customs, nostalgic brands, monster jam, retro style, Hot Wheels Anniversary series, and many more. Just click the category you want to know and you will get the information.

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Hot wheels Book Larry Wood
Hot wheels Book Larry Wood

One of the interesting information which mostly searched by Hot Wheels lovers is the list of the best Hot Wheels each year. For example, in 2018 there were several Hot Wheels cars which included the best Hot Wheels cars. A specific model such as a Justice League Batmobile become the most popular Hot Wheels car. Moreover, people are also fascinated with several cars such as Volkswagen Kafe Racer, Bone, Shaker, ’90 Acura NSX, and Corvette C7 Z06 Convertible. Indeed, people want to find the detail of their favorite Hot Wheels cars. Hot Wheels wiki is a portal where you can find the detail of the best Hot Wheels cars such as the color and the series. Even, it is also possible for you to read a little bit about the history of the real car so Mattel is interesting to create its miniature.    

The Fun Part of Playing Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is not only popular because of its toy cars but also its tracks and the history behind the toys. For example, a Justice League Batmobile Hot Wheels car is made based on the real Batmobile in the movie entitled Justice League. The detail is also the same such as it is made in black color along with its front weapon. You can also learn a little bit about the toy car such as the car is driven by Batman or Bruce Wayne. The car is fully armed with a rail gun, twin blasters, and rocket launchers. The speed of the car is also fantastic. Just imagine if you put it on the Hot Wheels track. Your friends will be amazed not only with the car but also the detail and you can tell it while playing the toy. For more information about your favorite Hot Wheels cars and tracks, you can just check it at Hot Wheels wiki.