Age doesn’t matter, Indonesia Diecast Expo 2017, with theme Muscle – Power this 4th event start 2 days on 28 October 2017 until 29 October 2017 on Balai Kartini, East Jakarta. On this event have more than hundred seller and around 60 diecast communities join here. And on the 29th of October, AToyZ participated in covering the activities yeeiyy….

Ticket entrance is  only IDR 40k a day, this event is start from 10 AM to 10 PM WIB, you can see Diecast Photo contest, Custom Diecast Competition, Diecast Racing car, Lego Competition for kids and many more, so this event is not only for collector or diecast lover or hot wheels hunter, this event is for everyone who like diecast.

What unique on this 4th Indonesia Diecast Expo 2017 is this event have Collectors Night, not only that, US Customize Chris Stangler is come and make some Custom for this event.

And what amaze from this event is auction collection item for Diecast Ferrari 599xx 1:64 scele number one from 100 is sold for IDR 17 Million. And same person also winning auction for HW Morris Mini Cooper no 1 of 100 for IDR 32 Million.

The Muscle Power 4rd IDE 2017 also features a display of display cars consisting of two Shelby GT 500 alerts 2010 and 2017, Chevrolet Bel Air ’55, Chevrolet Camaro ’69, Ford Mustang Pony ’66 and Dodge Charger ‘ 69.

On this event AToZ got some collectable item HW Daredevils “Cruise Bruiser” Super Treasure hunt 2017 and Hot Wheels Collector Edition WONDER WOMAN INVISIBLE JET.

Cruise Bruiser super treasure hunt



For those of you who miss event indonesia diecast expo 2017, do not worry, immediately mark your calendar for next year event in indonesia diecast expo 2018

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