Jada Batman Batmobile Forever Review

If you are the big fan of Batman Forever movie and crazy all of about the hero character, collecting the Batmobile vehicles from Jada Toys seem to be a good idea. Get to know more about Jada Batman Batmobile Forever in this following article.


About the Product

Jada Toys now comes with a collection of Batmobile vehicles which are based on the several Batman films. One of the Batmobile vehicles that become the target of the collector is the Batman Forever Batmobile that is based on the movie with the same title back in 1995. It comes with two different scales of 1:24 and 1:23. What makes this Batmobile series is more unique compared to the other is that the vehicle’s engine that is exposed on the sides and the hood of the car. The Jada Batman Batmobile Forever toys are really excellent in details and perform likeness as it is on the movie. You will find that the sculpt, deco, and the quality of the vehicle are all excellent. The only lacks of the Batmobile vehicle are the silver engine that can’t light-up in blue just like the one in the movie. The Batman figure doesn’t fit inside the car toy.

What Makes it Special?

The Jada Batman Mobile with 1:24 scale comes with opening roof and it can be slid open to show the inside part of the vehicle. Both the 1:24 and 1:23 scales Batmobiles are made of plastic part and die-cast. Most part of the inner body of the vehicle is die-cast while the outer parts are made of plastic. The wings, engines, roof, tires, and turbo are made of plastic too. The figure that is included in the package also made of die-cast and plastic. Its resemblances to actor Val Kilmer and the bat-suit is mostly in black and gold logo on the chest part.

for Batman lover i think how do you think about this one? this is cool enough to collect or nah… forget this one, this below is full video about Jada Batmobile Review on AToyZ youtube video channel