Most expensive Hot Wheels are what Hot Wheel fans looking for. There are reasons why those toys are considered as the most expensive car toy. The price depends on the model of the car and limited edition cars. Hot Wheel collectors can spend hundreds of dollars only for collecting those toys. Here is the list and you might be wanted it to.

1971 Purple Olds 442

The reason why most Hot Wheel lovers want to have this model is because of its purple color. In fact, most of Olds 442 cars are designed in magenta or pink. Suddenly, Hot Wheel is offering 1971 Olds 442 purple color and it is made in limited edition. If you want to have this historical toy, you have to spend around $1.400 up to $2.000. For your information, it is a little bit difficult to find 1971 Purple Olds 442 Hot Wheel car in good condition. It will be your luck if you have it now.  

1971 Purple Olds 442
1971 Purple Olds 442 (**image from google)

No sunroof  styled 1968 Custom Volkswagen

This version is a very rare Hot Wheel edition. It is a common thing if this mini Volkswagen is included on the list of most expensive Hot Wheels. Actually, you can only find this version in Europe especially in German as well as in United Kingdom. The interesting fact is that this no sunroof 1968 Custom Volkswagen was created in Hong Kong. Hot Wheel collectors love the different interior along with non plastic windows. The part is also considered as interchangeable especially in the American version. The color is blue or  in aqua color. Just keep it if you have the  red,  orange,green, as well as copper color because they are considered as the rare version. One of 1968 Volkswagen rare versions cost more or less $1.500!

White Enamel Camaro 1968  series

It is considered as the first of Hot Wheel model ever made. This is the reason, 1968 White Enamel Camaro is rare and really hard to find. It is your luck if you have this first version because someone might want it to. Just imagine the price of this version can be reached up to $2.500 or more today. What do you think? You want to sell yours?

Red Baron completed with White nuance Interior 1970

The design of this car is unique and different than others. It is also difficult to find because there are only less than 10 today. What makes this version is considered as most expensive Hot Wheels not only about its rare but also about its history.

Red-Baron-completed-with-White-nuance-Interior-1970 (image from google)

Red Baron is surely classic and interesting. Hot Wheels made the Red Baron toy cars in around 1970 with the World War I vehicle as its inspiration. This classic vehicle has white interior and believed to be less than 10 pieces in the world. That is why it is incredibly rare and expensive. The price to buy this toy car is approximately $3,000. However, it is very beautiful and this becoming one of the Hot Wheels cars worth money today.

There are a lot of Hot Wheels cars worth money that collectors may want to buy. Hot Wheels has been around for decades. They have been producing die-cast toy cars since 1968. No wonder that today there are a lot of Hot Wheels toy cars that are considered to be rare and vintage. Some of them worth a lot of money. If you want to buy them, you have to spend probably thousands of dollars. Below, you will see some of the rarest and most expensive Hot Wheels cars worth money.

1974 Blue Rodger Dodger

It is true that Hot Wheels love to work on muscle cars. One of the most famous muscle cars ever produced by Hot Wheels is the Rodger Dodger. The car was produced in four different colors: red, yellow, purple, and blue. Among the four colors, the blue one is the most special one. The blue one was released separately in the mid 1970s and mostly sold in the UK. That is why the blue Rodger Dodger is very rare. If you look on the internet, the price of the blue Rodger Dodger Hot Wheels is probably more than $8,000. However, for those who already have the red, yellow, and purple Rodger Dodger, this rare blue toy car is going to complete the whole collection and probably worth the money.

1970 Ed Shaver Custom AMX

If you love Hot Wheels racing car, this Ed Shaver is going to be one of the cars you have to collect. This model is only available in United Kingdom and very rare in the USA. However, the racing car is always praised for its beautiful design and for its classic look. That is why people in the USA, even in the UK, often look for the toy cars in order to complete their Hot Wheels racing car series. On the internet, such as on EBay or Amazon, the toy car is sold for at least $4,000.

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