Collecting Nascar diecast can be your biggest obsession. If it is so, you can just visit a reputable online store such as diecastmodelswholesale to get your most wanted Nascar car series including Nascar diecast series. The list below is the example of Nascar toy cars you can buy.  

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1987 Pontiac Firebird

You must have this car, especially if you are curious about the real detail of 1987 Pontiac Firebird. This toy car is the miniature of the real car along with the same detail. The car is supported by rubber tires and made of diecast metal. The fascinating part is on its interior because the manufacturer creates the miniature with the same exterior and interior. The red color looks stylish and cool and it might be your new favorite toy car.

1970 Plymount Superbird

It is also a cool classic toy car you need to have. This Nascar diecast is a limited edition where only 1002 pieces in the world. The car is designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Plymouth Road Runner. Just like Pontiac Firebird above, this car is also supported by real rubber tires and steerable front wheels. You can also open the hood, doors, and trunk. By purchasing the car, you can see the design of the real car because the toy car is designed with the same interior, exterior, chassis, and trunk. The petty blue color looks eye-catching when you put the miniature along with the other Nascar diecast series.    

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1969 Dodge Charger 500 Nascar Diecast

You can also add your collection by purchasing diecast 1969 Dodge Charger 500. This miniature is designed the same as the real car. You can open the hook to make it more realistic. Even, the toy car is using real rubber tires, detailed engine, realistic interior, and exterior. This is also a limited edition toy car in which there are only 89.200 Chargers in the world. From the 89.200 Chargers, 500 of them are Charger 500. Indeed, it is an exclusive Nascar diecast series and you must have it as your precious collection.

Just make sure that you have those three Nascar series in your collection. If you don’t have them yet, just go to the reputable online store to get the original one. Just imagine if you have a miniature which the same with the real classic cars used in the Nascar race. You will be proud of your collection, right? You might want to show it to your friends and make the Nascar diecast series as your precious collection.