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Opening 15 Awesome Hot Wheels Collection Car

The Haulinator

The haulinator Debut in 2015 from hw off road series, first out if not wrong it’s green. Year 2016 out of red and series changed to HW city Work. And what I now hold this edition 2017, in addition to yellow also have a blue color.

Volkswagen beetle

Volkswagen beetle toned first appeared year 2010, series changes 2 to 3 times replace. On 2012 Years was once a super treasure hunt. And this one is now made in 2017 tooned series

Shark Bite

I like the color and the model, already so his mouth can open hehehe … cool, From 2016 until 2017 there are blue, red grey and orange

Custom ‘1972 Chevy Luv

I took it because it likes the color and flame orange not tacky plasticity. Year 2016 emerged from the “HW Hot Truck Series”, in 2017 turned into HW flames series

’67 Chevy C10

So excited in 2017 because the super treasure version huntnya, according to my personal regular also rock in the collection, the tempo is okay,


The color is green… from tire machine, glass, body …. I like the same graphics , let alone a regular treasure hunt, a blend of color so cool For those who have not seen the reviews of the regular treasure hunt, can see in the top right or in the video description or searching on the list AToyZ Channel

’70 Chevy Chevelle

’70 Chevy Chevelle goes into the night burnz series, first debut in 2013, has gold tempos cool, once a regular treasure hunt in 2014, and now 2017 I like the same color orange , and tempo, both in the same battle strip item (read beside)

’69 Camaro Z28

’69 Camaro Z28 One of toned version 2017, and no one thought it was the first debut of 2004 … and from 2004 until 2017 until 2017 it’s only a regular treasure hunt .. not that I hold this … but the yellow …

Ford focus RS

It seems quite good at the same time hunter in now, I personally like color, the item is written KONI, ford logo and hw logo beside ..

Baja Bone Shaker blue

have many models and variations, if not believe can see my video coverage of bone shaker in Indonesia die cast expo 2017 (this is click bait), now this is a light blue, and later we also have a red color

Custom ’62 chevy pickup

I like the tempo …. green versus whiteand on the tires there is a white list … cool

The Emboser

I like miss change same the haulinator .. ehhehe output year 2017 and already have 2 this red color and one white blue

The ’69 El Camino

Have blown engine just behind the cab, And it turns out he first appeared in 2000 … plain white color of the first edition series. Now this year 2017 , have a red stripe white color

Rig Heat

This new output in 2017, I took this because the color choices I like and quite okay,
He has 2 red yellow colors like the one I hold and one blue blue stabile. Leak 2018nya later the color will be silver / chrome,

hot wheels review, hot wheels review atoyzhot wheels review youtubehot wheels review video