Normally, Hot Wheels are not expensive toy the children can have and play. However, several old and rare models can make the price significantly increase. In this article, we will talk about the changes of Hot Wheels from 1995 up to present, and the estimated rare hot wheels price guide.

Hot Wheel Cars by the Time

In 1995, the new way of collecting Diecast Hot Wheels mini cars was introduced by Mattel. The cars were packed in a set of 12 called as “New Model Series”, which also came with some specialized four car subsets. By the 1996, the title “First Edition” was introduced with the similar way of categorizing except that the quantity was increased.

In 2013, the categorizing technique was changed. Mattel removed the “New Model” and “First Edition” titles and replaced them with “New for 2013”. The name was visible on the car package. The rest of Mainline Cars were also divided into several segments, each containing sub-segments. Another change is given to the logo, in which a tiny Flame logo was placed as a replacement of the previous green stripe indicating the Treasure Hunt cars. Real Rider Wheels and Spectra flame paint made the super TH cars were easy to identify, despite the absence of the mark on the super TH packages.

Rare Hot Wheels Price Guide

1.             1971 Purple Olds 442

Its purple color makes this mini car valuable, since the majority of Olds 442 models was painted magenta. Besides, the limited number of the well conditioned purple Olds 442 causes this car even more valuable. The price is around $1,400 – $2,000.

2.             1968 Custom Volkswagen Without Sunroof

This model usually produced in aqua or blue colors. Only few of them came in green, red, orange, and copper. If you are planning to hunt one of them, you need to spend $1,500.

3.             1968 White Enamel Camaro

What makes it super special is that this model was the very first Hot Wheels model that ever produced. Therefore, it is not surprising that if you can find it today, it will cost you around $2,500. WOW, add this car on your hot wheels price guide

4.             1970 Red Baron with White Interior

It is reported that less than 10 1970 Red Baron with White Interior are still exist nowadays. It may be because this sort of model was, indeed, only produced as a prototype and was not widely sold. That is why, if you want to have it as one of your collections, you are expected to pay $3,000.

5.             1995 Collector Number 271 Funny Car

Mattel only made twelve pieces of this model, which then makes it the rarest Hot Wheels car ever produced in 1900s. The estimated price of this 1995 Collector Number 271 Funny Car is more or less $3,500.

Hot Wheels collectors Price Guide : The Rarest Hot Wheels Series in the World

Hot Wheels is one of the most popular brands for toys and also have Hot Wheels slogan which known as “Go with the Winner” Yes, it is known for toy car products with various designs, colors, and shapes. The cars are commonly played in a circuit. But more than just being played, people love to collect those even adults. 

Some series of Hot Wheels car are known to be rare and very expensive. There are many reasons for it. Mostly, those cars are produced some decades ago and they are no longer released in the market. For collectors, it is not a bad idea to hunt those rare cars even if they must pay a lot. So, what are those rare cars? Here they are the series along with the Rare Hot Wheels price guide?

Cheetah Python

Cheetah Python series is produced only a few in 1968. Therefore, the series is considered very rare even nowadays. In terms of design, there is nothing special about this. It is only a kind of small sedan series with the brownish-orange color. But in fact, many Hot Wheels lovers just hunt it. This way, the secondhand series of the car is now offered at around USD 10,234.

Purple Olds 442

The design is standard without something special. Yes, it is basically a kind of old sedan with purple color on the body. This Hot Wheels series is produced in 1971. But it is really rare in which only a few of them in the world. That’s why; this car series is hunted a lot by many Hot Wheels collectors. Even recently, the car is offered at around USD 7,178. So, are you interested to have this one?

Diamond Encrusted Car

This mini sedan from Hot Wheels is covered by diamonds. Of course, the diamonds here are completely original. This is why the car is really special. Yes, in 2008, Mattel was cooperated with a jewelry company; Jason Arasheben to create this limited-edition Hot Wheels. The car is covered by more than 2,700 pieces of diamond. So, it is not exaggerating if this toy car is offered at around USD 142,157. Sure, not all kids can buy this toy. this car is include on hot wheels price guide as a special case.

Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb

The toy is inspired by the brand of Volkswagen. Although it sounds common, its pink color just makes the car looks more unique. Moreover, there are only 2 products available in the world. for the rarity, the Beach Bomb series can only be found with the price at around USD 127,957. Besides, you must also compete with many other Hot Wheels collectors in the world to have it.

1968 Hot Pink Beatnik Bandit

Beatnik Bandit is the most demanded series in the world. That’s why; Hot Wheels tries to produce the pink color for female customers. But since the company is also afraid of the car’s fans will not be as many as products with other colors, only a few of the products to sell in the market. But the fact shows that the demand is even higher than others. This way, the Hot Pink Beatnik Bandit becomes one of the most expensive Hot Wheels cars with a price of USD 15,425. Don’t forget add this on your list of hot wheels price guide.

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Diecast World: Understanding the Value of Diecast Cars

The term of diecast cars 1/64 is commonly used for bigger vehicles like trucks, containers, and other big vehicles. Without judging the size, some diecast cars are more expensive yet getting a higher value on the market than other cars. You can definitely estimate the value of a toy car on the market by searching online for specific items recent sales.

In fact, there are various factors that contribute to the market value of a diecast car and guide of hot wheels price . The most common factors include the materials, condition of the toy, and the edition. Other than that, if the product is certified by a well-known association then it could get more valuable as well. The diecast cars 1/64 cars could also be in the limited edition. So, it is important to acknowledge yourse and add this on your hot wheels price guide list if about the value of your diecast cars before you buy the items or resell it in the future.

Limited edition

As its name suggests, the edition of the car is only produced in a certain number. The manufacturers will destroy the mold once the final copy has been produced, which make the item is highly collectible. Sellers typically include information about the number they sell. For example, if a diecast car is only produced in 100 units and the shop is selling the 31st edition then it will be marked as “31 of 100”. For brief information, diecastmodelswholesale also sells limited edition cars and you should check the website. and in there you can also check a Hot Wheels collectors Price Guide

Out-of-production edition

It is not unusual if a manufacturer stopped producing a certain type of diecast cars and later they will produce some newer yet different series. It makes the cars difficult to come by especially if you are looking for it with the original packaging. If you finally find it, the price might be more expensive than the original price. It kind of makes sense since the demand is higher than the supply.

Packaging and certificates

Just like other collectible items, how to check Hot Wheels Price Guide is by check packaging and certificates, diecast cars are in a greater value when the original packaging is intact with its paperwork. If you purchase the diecast car and you intend to sell it in the future, it is better to keep all paperwork unopened as well as the original packaging.  The Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint often include the authentication or certification paper with the products. So, if your diecast cars 1/64 have these papers along in the package, it is better to keep it together and safe

Other Factor to Determining Hot Wheels Cars Value

You may wonder how much hot wheels cars value is or how we can determine to create hot wheels price guide. Hot wheels have become one of the most wanted toys for children and collectors.  The company has gained long time experiences since 1900s in developing this game. In every toy store, you will always find hot wheels products such as cars and tracks. You can also find hot wheels product in online store. There are thousand different models of car and tract that you can choose and purchase. Commonly, hot wheels products are not really expensive compared with other toys. People can buy hot wheels.

By having $3-$10, you can buy some die cast cars, this is make a list of hot wheels price guide, Some other products can be a little expensive or super expensive ( see Most Expensive Hot Wheels in the World ). You can see that each product has each value. Sometime, it is difficult to determine hot wheels car value. We are going to discuss some factors that can influence hot wheel cars value.

Rare Hot Wheels Cars

The first factor that can determine hot wheels cars value is how rare hot wheels cars are. The more rare hot wheels cars, the price will be higher. Commonly, rare hot wheels cars are in a limited edition. It means that they are only produced in some numbers. It will dramatically increase the value or price. Commonly, this type of hot wheels cars will be hunted by collectors. They don’t really care about the high value as long as they can get rare hot wheels cars, so you hot wheels price guide maybe won’t be of much use in here

There are some cars, such as Redlines and Treasure Hunts Cars editions, that are considered as rare hot wheels cars.  Redlines edition is a type of hot wheels cars that were produced in the 1960s and 1970s. There are red circle details in the four tires of the cars. Treasure Hunt Cars edition was produced in 1995. They were produced in very small numbers. That’s why this car edition is very difficult to find.

Other Factors to Determining Hot Wheels Cars Value

Beside the rare hot wheels cars, there are some other factors that can determine hot wheels cars value. First, color can be one factor that determines the value. Commonly, bright colors such as pink, baby blue, purple and magenta, are more expensive. Second, they year when the cars are made or produced becomes one of the biggest factor in determining the value. The older cars will be more expensive. Third, the condition of the cars will also determine cars’ value. If there are many parts of the cars missing or broken, it will reduce the value, don’t forget mark this on your hot wheels price guide

There many factors that can determine hot wheels cars value. You should consider those factors when you want to purchase or sell hot wheels cars. Sometime, it is tricky if we talked about the exact number or value, and for some collectors hot wheels error also have “others value”

That’s all about hot wheels cars value. Hopefully, it will help you determining hot wheels cars value.

The Way to Define the Hot Wheels Value and price guide

To guarantee make a car on list hot wheels price guide it depends on several factors. The factors make the price of a specific hot wheel car different from others. You may find a few dollars worth of hot wheels. At the same time, you also find costly hot wheels cars in the market. Besides the colors, year of make, and condition of the car, other factors determine the value of this toy. 


The originality of the hot wheels cars becomes one of the crucial factors that determine the value and a hot wheels price guide . The more original mini vehicles are, the more costly they are. Commonly, the price is cheaper because the owners add too many aftermarket parts and customize the paint. This type of Hot Wheels car calls beaters. The price is only a couple of dollars.

Red-Line Cars

Hot Wheels cars consist of two different lines, which are a red line and a white line. You can see the line on the wheels. The most interesting part is that the color of the line also determines the Hot Wheels value. The red-line cars are more expensive than the white-line cars. Mark on your hot wheels price guide, this red line cars is also an a factor.


One of the biggest factor for make great hot wheels price guide is rare Hot Wheels cars are more costly than other cars that you find in the market. Rareness is often related to the year of make. For example, a 1974 Magenta Rodger Dodger with White Interior is $3000. 1974 Magenta Rodger Dodger with white interior is rare. You may easily find the car with a black interior. Indeed, the price of these two versions is different. Rareness is also because the manufacturer produces the car in a limited edition. One of the rarest Hot Wheels cars is the 1968 Brown Custom Camaro. The cost of this toy reaches $3000 per piece if you can find it. This car version is hard to find in the market nowadays. Some collectors even say that the 1968 Brown Custom Camaro is only used for store display purposes. Another good example is 1969 31 Woody in Brown. Hot Wheels only release a dozen. This is the reason why collectors are finding this version. The price is even more costly than the 1968 Brown Custom Camaro. You have to spend up to $8000 to collect this car toy in your collection shelves. you can add all of this price on your hot wheels collectors price guide


The cost of the Hot Wheels cars is also costly because of its materials. The manufacturer uses hard fiber or metal. Indeed, they are not made of low-quality plastic. Take the 1970 Classic Nomad In Gold as an example. The price of this version is over $3000. One of the reasons is the gold finishes.

The Unique Production Process 

The Olds 442 is one of the most expensive Hot Wheels cars. What makes this car toy so expensive is because of the production process. Hot Wheels produced the Olds 442 in Hong Kong for just one year. The purple version is so expensive today. The cost can reach up to $12.000. This olds 442 is important to add on our hot wheels price guide

Low Production Symbol 

The low production symbol in Hot Wheels is a symbol to identify treasure hunts and super treasure hunts with other regular cars. Hot Wheels cars with low production symbols are more costly compared to other regular Hot Wheel cars. The symbol shows the premium versions. One of the symbols is on the spectra flame paint and Real Rider wheels this is important to determine hot wheels price guide.

The cost is expensive because of Hot Wheels these cars as a hidden car in different series. Collectors have to identify the premium paint and tires and TH symbol on the vehicle. Most of them are also limited edition. Some cars are only 10.000 pieces up to 25.000 pieces.


A Model can be use to ensure your hot wheels price guide list, you can check trusted online stores offer a variety of Hot Wheels cars. Some of them are costly. For instance, a 1986 custom Barracuda Bronze sold for $15.000, whereas the price of a 1976 Whiz drew 28 bids is around $6.500. Some sellers sell these mini cars in a set. Indeed, the value also depends on the model. A set of the original 16 redline cars costs $31.000, whereas an 8-car set from 1998 can cost up to $15.000. Just imagine that the value of specific Hot Wheels cars is the same with a college tuition cost. All of this can you use to complete your hot wheels price guide.

Rare Hot Wheels Cars Buying Guide 

You have to understand the way to get the original rare Hot Wheels cars. You are about to spend a lot of money for the rare mini cars, so make sure that you don’t get a fake rare Hot Wheels cars. 

Check the Symbols

Hot Wheels often give specific symbols on the cars. You only have to know the symbols of the original cars. Let say Treasure Hunts cars have a flame in a circle logo whether on a door, spoiler, inside a colorful graffiti art, or on the blister box behind the die-cast model. Super Treasure Hunt cars are more difficult to find. The cars often come with more stripes, flames, artwork, and wheels made of rubber. There is also the red-line symbol on the wheels. You may also check the letter TH somewhere on the body.  This is one way of determining hot wheels price guide to determine a car is rare or just common


At least, there are two different Hot Wheels series which are the Mainline and Special series. Mainline cars are more special for collectors. One of the reasons is because most of the cars are Treasure Hunts. Special series is also costly in the store, but you can easily buy it everywhere. 


Hot Wheels cars come with a ZAMAC edition. ZAMAC stands for Zinc Aluminum-Magnesium and Cooper. The materials make Hot Wheels cars different from other plastic mini cars in the market. The car toy is more durable even after a few years. Indeed, the price is also costly after a couple of years, especially if the cars are rare editions.

Sometimes, you will see Hot Wheel cars with errors, Check again on your hot wheels price guide already on list or not about this errors. Let say a Hot Wheels car has different patterns on the front and back wheels, different paint job, or some colors may be lost. You may check the condition first. The errors may not be a problem for some collectors who are looking for Hot Wheels cars with errors

You can also find a car with the same model but in different variations. Sometimes, the same cast has different colors during the same year. It depends on what type of collector you are. Some collectors see the Hot Wheels value based on the ZAMAC, whereas others see the value based on the errors and variations