Red Hot Wheels 1968 Mustang Tooned 2017 is kind of the car that the collectors want to have. The debut of this car was in 2003 under the name of 2003 First Editions. This series was only lasted until 2010 and then got retooled in 2017. Dwayne Vance is the designer of this car and you can find this collection under the serial number of 56386.

It has unique shape, just like a Mustang with interesting look on the car’s cap. Besides, this is worth to collect anyway. So, if you hardly find it at the collector stores then you probably need to look at the online stores.

Red Hot Wheels 1968 Mustang Tooned 2017 Product description

Built with 1/64 scale of the real car, this car is an interesting product to have. The color is available in red and blue with the stripes of white and black. The collectors give 4/10 for the rating of Tooned series in 2017. Meanwhile, in the Hot Wheels line it gets 124/365.

There are several minor updates on this car. At least the change is slightly appeared on the engine. Besides, the rear and front sides of the model is the part of the base as well as the interior.


Hot Wheels 1968 Mustang Tooned

Red Hot Wheels 1968 Mustang Tooned 2017 Product versions

There are a lot of versions from this car if we look at it from the first debut. So, I will mention several of them.

The first debut in 2003 namely 2003 First Editions was kind of nice. It came out in dark blue with three different stripes such as “Boss Hoss in White”, without the “Boss Hoss”, and the white pinstripe. It was made of plastic with black base color and chrome interior. The window was tinted in black with 5SP wheels. All of them were made in Malaysia.

In 2010, there was the Toon’d Muscle 5-Pack in metallic dark mustard yellow with black stripes. The base color was black and the window was also black but tinted. The wheels were using OH5 and produced Thailand and Malaysia.

And later in 2017, Hot Wheels released the Tooned series. It is available in blue and red. Both are equipped with the stripes in black and white on the sides. It is made of plastic with black base color. Both models have tinted black window. The red one has yellow and black PR5 wheels while the blue one comes in black PR5 wheels. Chrome is chosen as the interior of Red Hot Wheels 1968 Mustang Tooned 2017.

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