Review on Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play set for Imaginative Play for Kids

Toys are not always something meant for kids’ entertainment only. Depending on the toys’ design, one can promote imaginative play to encourage kids’ imaginative skill. One of those toys would be the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play set. Have you ever heard of it? This ultimate Play set is not just normal toy car garage to play with. Let’s see what the product brings and what kids can benefit from it. If it can be educational for children, it must be worth getting. Now, here we go then.

The Ultimate Features the Product Has to Offer

Since we are talking about a product here, it is always best to review it by feature. This product alone brings all sorts of interesting one worth to take into account. You can’t get them in just any garage toys today. It is called ultimate because it brings you ultimate features. It makes perfect choice for kids with stock of small cars to put into use in beneficial way. Well, then, there are 4 things that we can highlight about this toy product here. Let’s see how they are in this very chance.

Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage with Shark Attack

Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage with Shark Attack

• Super Huge and Tall Car Garage Design

First thing first, we would say what’s the most obvious here. It would be none other than the garage design of course. Unlike the others of its kind, the design you get here is huge. Why not? It is designed to stand over 3 feet tall after all. Not to mention, the storage can hold over 140 cars. Let us tell you in this Hot Wheels review that it is one of the biggest will find around. The height and the size also accommodate particular details, like motorized elevator, massive jet, and giant gorilla too.

• Impressive Details for Realistic-Like Play

Going further to those details will only get you more impressed to this Play set. The motorized elevator for example, is one designed to be able to hold up to 23 cars at once. They can even be transported to multiple levels as you have them escaped from the climbing gorilla. Then, you get massive jet plane that cruise around with landing pad. You can spin the cars for wash and get them tuned up too. Others also include police station, drive up diner and many more.

• Great Connection Points and Racetrack

You do get lots of details from the design of Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play set. However, each detail does not stand on its own. They are actually connected with great connection points. So, instead of moving the cars by hand, you can run them on the track. Side by side racetrack is also there to race with friend right to the bottom. It is cool that this Play set serves more than just garage to store your cars in as tidy display. However, it lets you to have fun racing at the same time as well.

• Complete Set Within the Product Box

You might roughly know what you can expect to get upon the purchase of this product. However, let’s make it clear here. The items you will get from the box are 3’ high play set with 140+ car storage, jet plane with 2-car capacity, 4 Hot Wheels cars, motorized elevator, gorilla figure, car wash, police station,tune up shop and also freight elevator. For car garage Play set, this is pretty much complete. Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play set. sure is not there to merely offer the standards.
The Benefits that You Can Get from the Play set
It might be children toy we are talking about here. However, as it was said before, it is not normal toy you can find out there. Pretty much, you get complete items in the set for total entertainment. Together, they can offer something beneficial for your kids as they play with the product. What benefits do you think they are? Give us the chance to tell you about them in this opportunity then. They might have been something that you don’t give that much thought before. So, pay attention.

Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play Set

Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play Set

• Encourage Storytelling Skill As Playing

As you have known, this Play set comes with continuous motorized elevator. This very detail to the product design is one that can transport up to 23 cars at once. But, let’s lead the kids to be creative as they play. You can tell them to choose one or more cars and have the kids made up their own story with them as you listen in. To begin with, this Play set already comes with city-themed design. So, it makes perfect setting for story to unfold.

• Promote Skill to Solve Possible Issues

The gorilla that comes along with this product is not just a figure. It threatens the cars by swiping them out of the elevator. So, to avoid the issue, you can have the kids to figure out the solution on their own. What if the gorilla attacks? What course should be taken to escape from the swipe of its big hand? Have the kids to answer this. Let us tell you in this Hot Wheels Review AToyZ that you can promote their problem solving skill this way too.

• Boost Competitive Skill with Racetrack

Having competitive skill is important for character development in children in their young age. So, let’s have them take up some challenge then. There is side by side racetrack coming from this toy product, right? As simply as how you can image it to be, you can just have your kid to race with his/her sibling or friend. This should give thrilling experience to them while you let the kids have fun together. Their competitive skill should go up.

• Increase Skill to Do Things Creatively

Of course, the kids’ creativity skill would be increased as well. You see the multiple connection points, right? Having the kids to connect them to each other on their own will let them think with their own mind. It is one imaginative play the kids will be playing. Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play set is one that great to benefit children up to this length. You have all sorts of skill improved for the goodness of them. It is one worth buying.
Description: Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play set is one huge garage design with complete features to promote imaginative play and increase children’s skills.

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