Who don’t known Hot Wheels? It is a big brand of die-cast toy cars which have become a legend among kids. Hot Wheels slogan and it’s Hot Wheels game turn to be quickly popular around the world. The brand itself was acquainted by Mattel, American toy maker back in 1968. During that time is the main rival of Matchbox. However, after 1997, Mattel purchased Tyco Toys as well as became the owner of its rival brand.

Hot Wheels have got many licenses from numerous cars manufacturers. As the result, they ask this American toy brand to create the scale models of each manufacture. Being licensed also means that Hot Wheels is allowed to use the real car design blueprints and its detail from the manufacture. This toy brand is not only popular among kids and young adults, the cars which brought this brand are also collected by adults. Even their limited edition models are sold for public these days.

Early Story of Hot Wheels

Before Hot Wheels slogan born, on its early age Hot Wheels was the main competitor of Matchbox. However, both of their products have different characteristic. When the look of toy cars Matchbox was close to the real one, Hot Wheels just look that they are certainly model. This brand firstly launched sixteen models in 1968 and eleven of them were the result of Bradley’s touch. The first model produced by Hot Wheels referred to Custom Camaro with dark blue colour. Bradley was an automobile designer who was popular in car industry.

He was also known to be designer who made the legend concept car, Dodge Deora and Custom Fleetside. 1968 also become the year when Hot Wheels had its first production line which renowned under the name The Original Sweet 16. This model fell into Red Lines Series. The model in this series was quite unique since they came with red pinstripes on the car sides.

Real Life Hot Wheels Cars
Dodge Deora

The born of the Hot Wheels Slogan

Hot Wheels got their first rate on 1970 so that this year became very special for the brand’s history. Following the rate they got, Mattel then created the new Hot Wheel slogan which known to be “Go with the Winner”. As the cars had their own slogan, there were 43 new cars in total which launched that time including the iconic Sizzlers and Heavyweights. Some of Hot Wheels models are actually made by the creative hand of Wood, a famous car designer. The first Hot Wheels cars which was designed by him was called Tri-Baby.

Hot wheels Book Larry Wood
Hot wheels Book The Birth of Hot wheels

For another reverence you also can check Hot Wheels: From 0 to 50 at 1:64 Scale Hardcover, This special anniversary book is illustrated with rare design drawings and prototypes from Mattel’s archives as well as fantastic photos of all of the great Hot WheelsTM vehicles from across their 50-year history—and it comes in a replica Hot WheelsTM car-carrying case. It’s the perfect vehicle for Hot WheelsTM fans of all ages!

Hot Wheels: From 0 to 50 at 1:64 Scale Hardcover

The Evolution of the Hot Wheels Slogan: From “Speed, Power, Performance” to “Race to Win”

Hot Wheels is a beloved toy brand that has been around for over 50 years. One of the most iconic aspects of the Hot Wheels brand is its slogan, which has evolved over time to reflect the changing attitudes and values of the brand. In this article, we’ll explore the history of the Hot Wheels slogan and how it has evolved over the years.

The Original Hot Wheels Slogan: “Speed, Power, Performance”

The first Hot Wheels slogan was “Speed, Power, Performance,” which was introduced when the brand was launched in 1968. This slogan perfectly captured the essence of what Hot Wheels was all about: fast, powerful toy cars that were designed for performance. The slogan was a hit with kids and parents alike, and it helped establish Hot Wheels as a leader in the toy car industry.

The “Hot Wheels Challenge” Slogan

In the 1980s, Hot Wheels changed its slogan to “The Hot Wheels Challenge,” which reflected the brand’s focus on fun and adventure. This new slogan encouraged kids to push their Hot Wheels cars to the limit and try out new stunts and tricks. The “Hot Wheels Challenge” slogan was popular for several years and helped to reinforce the brand’s reputation as a fun and exciting toy.

The “Race to Win” Slogan

In the 1990s, Hot Wheels introduced a new slogan: “Race to Win.” This slogan reflected the brand’s commitment to speed and competition, and it encouraged kids to use their Hot Wheels cars to race against each other. The “Race to Win” slogan was a huge success and helped to cement Hot Wheels’ status as the go-to brand for toy car racing.

The “Challenge Accepted” Slogan

In 2011, Hot Wheels introduced a new slogan: “Challenge Accepted.” This new slogan was designed to appeal to a new generation of kids who were looking for more than just fast cars. The “Challenge Accepted” slogan encouraged kids to push their limits and try new things, whether that meant building elaborate Hot Wheels tracks or racing their cars in unusual locations.

And Now We go to Race

currently hot wheels are not only toys that can be collected and only played by children, many middle-aged people and also adults who are very happy to play and collect them. Some clubs and societies often make hot wheels races, and in our opinion this is also something fun and interesting to watch. If you are interested in hot wheels racing it’s a good idea to see the following article about Top 3 Fastest Hot Wheels Car Which You May Not Know

Hot Wheels Logo

Hot Wheels logo on the diecast is more than just pride and prestige. Undeniably, the diecasts or toy cars manufactured by Mattel Inc., are more than just for being collected. You can even join the races or competitions like a professional. Sure, not all the products released under Hot Wheels brand are intended for racing. Many of them are just for being collected because of attractive designs. So, what are the tips to choose the cars from Hot Wheels that are indeed for the race? Here they are.

hot wheels logo
Hot Wheels Logo

The Materials

There are 2 types of the track to get through by the diecast cars from Hot Wheels, they are drag and loop tracks. The drag track refers to the track that is straight with some barriers there. Meanwhile, there is also the loop where your cars must follow it by turning around. There is a perception that the cars may be perfect for one track but not another one. This is something that makes the Hot Wheel Racers frustrated.

However, the perception is actually not exactly true. In fact, there are many racers that can just get through both tracks without having problems. The key point is the material used. You should pay attention to the body of the cars. The best cars for both drag and loop tracks are those with metal base and plastic body.

How can such cars be good for the drag and loop tracks? The plastic body tends to make the center of gravity is lower. This matter is needed since the loop track is a track that has inclines and declines. Meanwhile, the materials arrangement helps the cars when on the drag track particularly in term of conquering the barriers.

hot wheels 50th logo gold
Hot Wheels 50th Logo Gold

A Compact Design

A small body basically does not guarantee that your car is able to run faster. The best choices are the compact body. It is owned by some series including Vendetta and Pharadox. Why is design really important? Sure, the design basically influences the car’s movement on the track. If it has too many details, the movement tends to slow.

On the other hand, the series you need to choose are them in which the Hot Wheels car case tends to be long. The long body may make the car find it so difficult to turn around. Sure, those cars are not able to get through the barriers like jumpers on the drag tracks for being stuck as well as the loop cars.

treasure hunt logo

If you want a sort of beautiful Hot Wheels cars for the race, choose them in which the ornaments and details are only pictures. Well, you should not be surprised if many professional racers prefer simple and modest cars to the ornamented and detailed ones.

Short Overhang

What is overhang? Overhang is the space between the wheels and the tips of the car’s body. It is better to choose the short one since it makes the car, in general, tends to be spryer particularly when passing through the loop track. On the drag track, on the other hands, some traps like jumper can also be faced in much better ways with it. Therefore, the cars can just be back on the track in the right position.

Interestingly, the short overhang is commonly owned by the Hot Wheels cake series with small sizes. So, by using this type of cars, you find some benefits at the same time particularly in term of performance on the track.


Undeniably, the weight is something difficult to consider when choosing cars. Both the heavyweight and lightweight cars have their own benefits actually. The heavyweight cars are better on the declining track. Well, it is just in line with physics theory in which the heavier stuff must be able to go down much faster. However, the heavyweight cars are completely not necessary for the loop cars. In this case, the lightweight is slightly better.

So, which one is to choose? Based on the recommendations from the professional team Hot Wheels, the lightweight is better. This type of car tends to be able to perform very well on the loop track and just good on the drag track. There are more risks during the drag track indeed particularly around the areas of barriers and declines. However, the problems can be avoided by letting the cars run really fast since the beginning.

On the other hand, for the heavyweight cars, there is still no solution yet regarding how to get through the loop track without being fallen down. Even the car is going on in really high speed; the car simply cannot handle its own heavy body mainly when it is on the top of the loop track.

Smoother Wheels

Different from the real cars in which the coarse surface is needed to avoid an accident, for Hot Wheels, the smoother wheels just make it better. So, it is suggested to choose the car series without gears around the wheels. As an example, there is a series of Hot Wheels Camaro.

So, how is within your car race collections, there is nothing among them with completely smooth surfaces? Indeed, finding this type of car is quite difficult. There is one more solution; it is by smearing the wheels with lubricant. With the lubricant, the wheels tend to be more slippery and it is expected to run faster. Meanwhile, tuning the wheels is necessary to avoid them being too coarse.

hot wheels super treasure hunt logo

Experiencing Many Diecasts

After all the tips mentioned above, the most important thing for diecast with Hot Wheels logo racers is experiencing many diecasts. This way, you can just compare one car to another. Especially, if you just want it to use for the race, the first collections you have must be the racing series. Next, try to run them on the tracks that you make on your own.You can make a list regarding their performance; the fastest one, the best one on the loop; the best one on the drag race, and more. This way, it should not be too difficult for you to choose one that is indeed good for the race. 

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