Who don’t known Hot Wheels? It is a big brand of die-cast toy cars which have become a legend among kids. Hot Wheels slogan and it’s Hot Wheels game turn to be quickly popular around the world. The brand itself was acquainted by Mattel, American toy maker back in 1968. During that time is the main rival of Matchbox. However, after 1997, Mattel purchased Tyco Toys as well as became the owner of its rival brand.

Hot Wheels have got many licenses from numerous cars manufacturers. As the result, they ask this American toy brand to create the scale models of each manufacture. Being licensed also means that Hot Wheels is allowed to use the real car design blueprints and its detail from the manufacture. This toy brand is not only popular among kids and young adults, the cars which brought this brand are also collected by adults. Even their limited edition models are sold for public these days.

Early Story of Hot Wheels

Before Hot Wheels slogan born, on its early age Hot Wheels was the main competitor of Matchbox. However, both of their products have different characteristic. When the look of toy cars Matchbox was close to the real one, Hot Wheels just look that they are certainly model. This brand firstly launched sixteen models in 1968 and eleven of them were the result of Bradley’s touch. The first model produced by Hot Wheels referred to Custom Camaro with dark blue colour. Bradley was an automobile designer who was popular in car industry.

He was also known to be designer who made the legend concept car, Dodge Deora and Custom Fleetside. 1968 also become the year when Hot Wheels had its first production line which renowned under the name The Original Sweet 16. This model fell into Red Lines Series. The model in this series was quite unique since they came with red pinstripes on the car sides.

Real Life Hot Wheels Cars
Dodge Deora

The born of the Hot Wheels Slogan

Hot Wheels got their first rate on 1970 so that this year became very special for the brand’s history. Following the rate they got, Mattel then created the new Hot Wheel slogan which known to be “Go with the Winner”. As the cars had their own slogan, there were 43 new cars in total which launched that time including the iconic Sizzlers and Heavyweights. Some of Hot Wheels models are actually made by the creative hand of Wood, a famous car designer. The first Hot Wheels cars which was designed by him was called Tri-Baby.

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