When you see an animation movie entitled team Hot Wheels, you will see a  Hot Wheel logo. Just like the title and the logo, the movie is sponsored by the most popular toy car brand in the world Hot Wheels. So, let’s talk more about this animation movie.

About Team Hot Wheels

Team Hot Wheels is the animation movie that is produced by Mattel Playground Productions, Titmouse, and Mercury Filmworks. This movie consists of several features released such as the Origin of Awesome, the Skills to Thrill, and Build the Epic Race. The Origin of Awesome was released in 660 theaters in the United States in 2014. Then, it was released on home video, Cartoon Network, and Netflix. The next two series were aired on Netflix in 2015.


Cast and Characters of Team Hot Wheels

There are 4 casts in the Team Hot Wheels movie namely Gage Green, Brandon, Rhett, and Wyatt. Those characters are voiced by several great actors such as Ben Diskin, David Lodge, Grant George, and Nicolas Roye. All of them are driving a Hot Wheels car such as Quick n’ Silk, Bone Shaker, Baja Truck, and Twin Mill. They can be differentiated by the color of their costume. Each of them is using the red, green, yellow, and blue costume. Indeed, all of them love to drive their car at high speed.

The Latest Movie

The latest movie was launched on October 28, 2017. Previously, the Team Hot Wheels only have 4 members. In this episode, the team was about to find a new member. That’s why the title of the movie is Search for the 5th driver. This movie was aired on KidsClick. Just like the title of the movie, the team is looking for the next skilled driver. The next driver has to be skilled in driving a car at high speed, powerful, smart and has a great imagination. Those skills are important to beat all the obstacles in the Hot Wheels city. In this movie, your children seem to be the 5th member of the team. It seems that they can drive the Hot Wheels toy car and try to be the best member of the team Hot Wheels.   It seems that Hot Wheels will be a legendary brand in the world since the toys become popular until today. The manufacturer is developing itself by producing the latest toy cars. The team Hot Wheels is only one way to attract children and parents to love Hot Wheels more.     

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