Hot Wheels game, how is to win the race particularly for the beginners? For you who still not know it yet, Hot Wheels is a car toy from metal or diecast produced by a US company, Mattel Inc., since 1968. Although the products are the so-call toy, in fact, the lovers are not only the kids. Even adults just like collecting or racing the car as well as there are competitions to know which one the fastest.

Sure, it is actually reasonable if you also want to join the race. However, despite more practices, there are some things to prepare in order to ease you to win the game. Who knows, if you are lucky, you can even join the Hot Wheels world race. So, check them out.

The Tracks of Diecast

If it is possible you should know and learn about the track first. Maybe, some efforts need to do like going to the location just to see and predict how the track looks like. But it is impossible, don’t worry. You can read the following explanation.

In general, there are two types of track for the diecast race, they are drag race and loop. A drag race refers to the straight path and it can be flat or sloppy. Besides, there are some barriers or traps; the most popular one is the jumpers. So, you should not think about the drag track will be easy and smooth just because it is straight.

Second, there is a loop or circling path. After the drag track, the track is circled with an expectation that the car can just pass through it. Compared to the drag path, this one is more difficult for sure. But many cars can just go through the loop very well as long as you know how to run the car from the beginning. So, make sure to analyze it well.

Hot Wheels Track

The Car Series to Use

Undeniably, the brand Hot Wheels itself has been known for the products of racing series. Unfortunately, not all cars with Hot Wheels logo are produced for this competition. Some of them are simply marketed for being collected. Meanwhile, some other series can do the race but the results may not be really satisfying. Be careful in choosing the car anyway.

So that you will not feel confused, here are some recommended cars for the race. First, it is Pharadox. It is quite popular with its blue color and unique design while the upper body is covered by the transparent stuff. This series is well-known to conquer the loop track. Many reviews also said that this one is often being the fastest.

Next, there is Vendetta that is able to get through both drag and loop tracks almost without any problem. The key point is the short body that tends to make it lighter. More than that, it also features two pairs of big wheels that hold its body better.

Spectyte is the racing car for real, the body concept is just similar to Vendetta in which it features a smaller body but big wheels. The agility is indeed above almost all series of Hot Wheels during the Hot Wheels Race Off.

Checking the Car’s Conditions

After finding the right one, it doesn’t mean you can simply use it without checking and testing it first. Even if the car is known as the fastest one, the performance is probably not really good. Particularly, it is if you are rarely or too often using it.

Clean the body of the car. Many diecasts for the race cannot work well just because there is much dust even in the inner area. To clean it, you can use a wet cotton bud and try to reach all parts of the car mainly around the wheels. The car should not be wet also, Wipe it one more time using the dry cotton bud.

Check also whether there is any problem. For example, the condition of wheels is still too coarse mainly if it is a new car. So, tuning is recommended; it is by honing the wheels using a special tool. So, where can you find the tuning tool? There are available in stores that provide Hot Wheels accessories, online stores are possible. Download the Hot Wheels race off mod apk to know more about this.

Truck Scale models kits

There is also a problem when the wheels cannot turn around well. Aside from the dust and dirt, it can be due to the small corrosion between the wheels and the car’s body. To solve this problem, a special lubricant for Hot Wheels must be prepared. The lubricant used should also be the original one from the brand. It is to avoid further problems including the damage. The corrosion can even be broader if you use the other brands of lubricant recklessly.

Learning about How to Run the Car Well

Actually, there is no special trick to win the game. As long as you prepare the right car, there are always chances to win the game. Besides, there is the luck factor in which sometimes, some cars that are not considered the racing cars are able to win the game. You are suggested to watch many races also before joining the race, not only the races for Hot Wheels but also monster jam games and other races conducted by other brands.

You should also prepare more than a car while joining the race. Those cars must be the good ones for the occasion but with different specific expertise. In fact, some cars can run really fast but it is quite poor to handle the loop arena.

Kyosho Ferarri

Of course, you must know your capacity well when choosing which one to join. This way, the chance to win the Hot Wheels game is getting bigger.Toggle panel: Yoast SEO

These days, one of the most booming games is Hot Wheels game. This is because the game can be played through gadgets, such as phone, to gain the best experience in racing game simulator. Besides that, you can also try out hot wheels race off. It consists of race track sets, in which you can pick your own ride to look cool. You can take a look around at Die-cast Models Wholesale. There, you can add a new ride as your toy collection, since there are many rare and interesting items over there.

Die-cast Models Wholesale

Since it becomes a trend, many people are hunting for a die-cast toy, such as hot wheels race off. This hobby might look simple yet classy, since you can put the toys as an ornament, just like a figurine. It can also be your own unique signature whilst the toys accentuate your house with its presence. However, there are many bad quality toys out there that you might want to consider die-cast models wholesale, because it guarantees an excellent quality.

Not only that, they also have 10,000 kinds of die-cast toys from which you can purchase to your heart content. That being said, this place has a complete sets of die-cast toy collections to satisfy your curiosity about toys. Aside from that, the company is very experienced in doing the business, in which it has lasted for over 10 years. This is why they know what they are doing to meet the customers’ needs.

Recommended Hot Wheel Games for Hot Wheel Lovers play
Recommended Hot Wheel Games for Hot Wheel Lovers play

Why Should I Shop There?

First thing and foremost, die-cast models wholesale only sell out A+ product, in which all of the toys are available in its best condition. Sometimes, you will find a replica or duplicate of hot wheels race off with the same price. They also take notes of the details, such as shipping, wrapping and security system.

The bubble wrap and thick box will protect the toys and keep it in a good shape. If you are buying through online payment or e-money, you do not have to worry, because the company has installed a good security system, in which they encrypt the data when the customers fill in their personal information during the transaction. If the destination of your place is miles away from the toy factory, they also provide fast shipping, in which it will be delivered to your house within a day.

Surely there are numerous Hot Wheels games free for kids that you can choose. The official website of Hot Wheels provide free games, most of them are fun for the kids. You can simply play the game and do not have to pay for anything to play the game. Below are some more information about Hot Wheels games free for kids.

Some of the Best Games from Hot Wheels

Some of the best games from Hot Wheels that kids can play are including the infamous HydraRaycer and the Pigeon Plopper. In HydraRaycer, kids can choose to play either as Gage, Brandon, Wyatt, or Rhett. They can choose the signature cars and race to the finish line. The goal of the game is going to the finish line faster than the opponents, of course. Throughout the game, players will encounter some obstacles and some power-ups as well. Obstacles will cause the health of the vehicle to decrease and power-ups help the players to enhance the health of the cars and also getting to the finish line quicker.

Where to Play Hot Wheels Games for Kids?

The most obvious sites for you to play the Hot Wheels games is on the official website of Hot Wheels. Some of the games can also be played in several other sites across the internet. There are so many sites out there where you can simply play the game. Some sites also provide downloadable game so that you do not have to play the game online. Surely, the Hot Wheels games free for kids are so much fun and a great time killer for kids when they have leisure time.

Hot Wheels Race OFF – Free Hot Wheels Game for Smartphone

This one is so addictive, this game is for mobile phone or smartphone, so you can play this whatever you want play as long as you bring your phone, this game is a racing game, you can get most off hot wheels car in this game, you can find and use Bone Shakker, Dune it up, Dwagzilla and many more. 

hot wheels free game
hot wheels free game

The Idea for this game is so simple, just race between 2 car, you only have two button, one for speed up and another one is for speed down, and you can also beat the time and race multiplier with your friend or all around the world. and like i said before this Hot Wheels Race off – free hot wheels game is so addictive 

HydraRaycer Team Hot Wheels Game

One of the best Team Hot Wheels games available today is the HydraRaycer. This racing game also happens to be one of the most popular and most-played Hot Wheels games on the website. As we know, Hot Wheel slogan which known to be “Go with the Winner” not only made for kids but also for adult who want to playing a game. If you want to know more about the HydraRaycer Team Hot Wheels games, below is the further information for you.

HydraRaycer at a Glance

Basically, HydraRaycer is a racing game where player can choose to use one of the personals of the Team Hot Wheels and ride to the finish line. After the player chooses to go as Gage, Brandon, Wyatt, or Rhett, the can use arrow keys to steer their car. Players can steer their vehicle left and right by using the arrow keys. While racing, they need to avoid obstacles and collecting power-ups. The game runs in five courses and ends when players or the opponent’s reach the finish line.

Learn the Obstacles in HydraRaycer

As stated before, players will have to deal with some obstacles throughout the games. If the player hits the obstacle, the obstacle will lower the vehicle’s health. Empty health bar means the vehicle is ruined and it will end the game. Some of the obstacles that need to be avoided by the players are including cocks, paint buckets, wooden blocks, road cones, barrels, and many more.


The Power-Ups in HydraRaycer

The game may have lots of obstacles. However, it also has tons of power-ups. The power-ups give benefits to the players as they can either increase the health of the vehicle or help the players to finish the game quicker. The first power ups that players will frequently encounter during the game is the first aid box. It means health. Get the power-up and it increases the health of the vehicle.

There is also a Boost power-up. This little coin with flame on it provides a burst of speed and invulnerability. Last but not least, the game has left and right directions icon. It allows players to take shorter route and thus speeding up the game. HydraRacer is totally one of the best Team Hot Wheels games. Players can play the game multiple times and can even race with different opponents.