Hot Wheels cars made their first debut in 1968 imitating the exact shape of the most popular cars at that time. The toys were actually intended to be created for children. However, the 1:64 scaled cars also have adult customers and enthusiasts of the time. In addition, play sets and race tracks are professionally designed to be included in the Hot Wheels’ collections as well. On these tracks, the fastest Hot Wheels cars give their best performances to meet the customers’ wants.


As has been mentioned before, although the cars were initially intended for the children, in the last fifteen years, the number of adult customers have increased. It is estimated that more than forty million children have been growing up playing the car models, each having over a thousand cars. Meanwhile, children between five and fifteen years old usually only collect forty cars. It is believed that the collecting addict caused by the 1995 treasure hunts event. Known as the father of Hot Wheels cars, Mike Strauss enthusiastically held two events in a single year since 1986. One of the events is called Annual Wheels Collectors Convention. The convention was conducted every autumn, and took place in many different locations until 2001. Since 2001, the convention is annually held once a year in Southern California

The Top 3 Fastest Hot Wheels Cars

1.             1983 Oldsmobile ’78 Flat Out 442

As the name suggests, this version made its first debut in the market in 1983. The exterior paint color is vintage metal flake gold and metal base topped. Meanwhile, the manufacturer chose 442 racing decals with orange, red, and blue accents, black-colored interior and very clear windows. What this car tries to say is that in the world of racing, something new is not always better than the old ones.

Flat Out 442

Flat Out 442


2.             2000 ’56 Ford Pickup

The appearance of this 2000 ’56 Ford Pickup does not actually represent the speed car. It has Jimmy’s Auto Service sign and an eye catching white star Texaco logo on its doors. However, this car can give its impressive performance on the track. It has a chrome metal base and also elegant dark interior covered by smoky windows. This excellent touch will successfully give a good impression to the fans when it speeds on the track.

3.             2011 A-Team Van

This car is classified into a new model series, which can successfully catch the audiences’ attention with its appearance. The 2011 A-Team Van is painted black, uses plastic as its base and has orange-almost-red stripes as the accent of the Tampo. Similar as that of the 2000 ’56 Ford Pickup, the interior is black covered with blue tinted windows and a contrast red chrome wheel attached to the van. So, are you also interested in seeking and purchasing these top three fastest hot wheels cars?



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