Hot Wheels cars made their first debut in 1968 imitating the exact shape of the most popular cars at that time. The toys were actually intended to be created for children. However, the 1:64 scaled cars also have adult customers and enthusiasts of the time. In addition, play sets and race tracks are professionally designed to be included in the Hot Wheels’ collections as well. On these tracks, the Fastest Hot Wheels car give their best performances to meet the customers’ wants.

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As has been mentioned before, although the cars were initially intended for the children, in the last fifteen years, the number of adult customers have increased. It is estimated that more than forty million children have been growing up playing the car models, each having over a thousand cars. Meanwhile, children between five and fifteen years old usually only collect forty cars. It is believed that the collecting addict caused by the 1995 treasure hunts event. Known as the father of Hot Wheels cars, Mike Strauss enthusiastically held two events in a single year since 1986. One of the events is called Annual Wheels Collectors Convention. The convention was conducted every autumn, and took place in many different locations until 2001. Since 2001, the convention is annually held once a year in Southern California

The Top 3 Fastest Hot Wheels Cars

1.             1983 Oldsmobile ’78 Flat Out 442

As the name suggests, this version made its first debut in the market in 1983. The exterior paint color is vintage metal flake gold and metal base topped. Meanwhile, the manufacturer chose 442 racing decals with orange, red, and blue accents, black-colored interior and very clear windows. What this car tries to say is that in the world of racing, something new is not always better than the old ones.

Flat Out 442
Flat Out 442

2.             2000 ’56 Ford Pickup

The appearance of this 2000 ’56 Ford Pickup does not actually represent the speed car. It has Jimmy’s Auto Service sign and an eye catching white star Texaco logo on its doors. However, this car can give its impressive performance on the track. It has a chrome metal base and also elegant dark interior covered by smoky windows. This excellent touch will successfully give a good impression to the fans when it speeds on the track.

3.             2011 A-Team Van

This car is classified into a new model series, which can successfully catch the audiences’ attention with its appearance. The 2011 A-Team Van is painted black, uses plastic as its base and has orange-almost-red stripes as the accent of the Tampo. Similar as that of the 2000 ’56 Ford Pickup, the interior is black covered with blue tinted windows and a contrast red chrome wheel attached to the van. So, are you also interested in seeking and purchasing these top three fastest hot wheels cars?


5 Fastest Hot Wheels Car That Could Still Win in 2020

Previously there has been the top three fastest Hot Wheels car that you can choose to race. It turns out that there are more fast cars of Hot Wheels that could still be winning races in 2020. Following the first debut of Hot Wheels back in the year of 1968, there have been many models and variations out there. Some of those models are considerably lighter to be able to run faster than the others. Those who are actually doing Hot Wheels racing could really get the benefits of such models. These following Hot Wheel cars are considerably fast for racing.

Probe Funny Car

This Hot Wheels car has its weight of just 72 grams. Yet, that weight is considerably heavy for a Hot Wheels car. Despite that fact, this model has been very famous to be used in Hot Wheels racing. The one which is the most famous version is the 1999 release featuring a combination of yellow, white, and black colors. The five spoke style wheels in different size is amidst its beauty aspect that makes it unique.

Kenny Bernstein Funny Car

Another fast car of Hot Wheels that will still winning Hot Wheels races in 2020 is the Kenny Bernstein Funny Car. It weighs in 64 grams that was released as a part of the so-called Pro Circuit collection back in 1992. The weight is just right that makes it really fast. The axle of the wheels is somewhat unique since it has cap on it. Unfortunately, it is really hard to find especially today.

Ferrari F40

This car has its weight of 52 grams that can be considered to be very light compared to the first two. Back in the days this model was really well known as a fast Hot Wheels car. The top three versions are the one in red from 90s, the one in yellow from 2000, and the one in gold. Basically, this car model is low and wide which makes it fast especially in straight. It is possible that there will be new releases of this model with plastic parts for even lighter characteristic.

Cadillac V-16 Concept

The 2005 version of Hot Wheels Cadillac V-16 Concept was released within the Faster Than Ever package. That is the one to search for in order to get the fastest version of it. It has only 40 grams of weight along with a long wheel base as well as wide stance. That makes it has lower center of mass to be able to run fast. There are some other cars that could still beat this one but it remains one of the choices of fastest Hot Wheels car even for today.

Way 2 Fast

This model has its best performance in its Faster Than Ever version. It can really be a fast Hot Wheels car to win races in its 43 grams of weight. The so-called Faster Than Ever version comes with different set of wheels and axles. The axles are all nickel-plated that reduces friction so that the car could run faster. The wheels are always in large five spoke style in bronze. It has been proven that the FTE versions are always faster than the normal version of the same car models. The original time of release of this FTE model was between 2005 and 2006 that offers the best performance as Hot Wheels racing car. The one reason that makes it the ultimate beast is the weight is mostly distributed at the back so that it pushes forward heavily for higher speed.

What Makes Hot Wheels Cars Run Fast?

It is common for anyone who is about to go Hot Wheels racing to find the fastest car available. Understanding the things that could bring a fast speed of the car upon doing Hot Wheels racing is important. Well, there are some basic things that make a Hot Wheels car a fast one.

Weight is the most important thing to pay attention when it comes to fast cars in Hot Wheels racing. It does not mean that light cars will be faster than heavy cars as in real life racing. Heavy cars will be able to go faster than light cars in Hot Wheels racing. The race of Hot Wheels runs from top to bottom. It means heavy cars have more weight to push them down fast. It is simple physics for sure. Imagine dropping a glass cup and a plastic cup from the same height while both of them are empty. The glass cup will surely reach the bottom faster while the plastic cup will be last.

Another thing is the width of the car especially the tires or wheels. The wider the surface that is actually touching the track means that the speed will be faster. Just look at real life race cars especially track racing. Commonly the tires will be wider than normal cars for daily commuting. That has its purpose to run faster with more contact to the surface of the track. The width of the car plays its role in ensuring that the car runs straight. If the car is considerably narrow, it tends to move from left and right while moving down on the track. That is not going to be good for Hot Wheels racing.

Assouline hot wheels book
Assouline hot wheels book

One last thing to know that could make Hot Wheels car goes fast is the height of the car. Lower cars will run faster in which the idea is the same as in real racing cars. When the height is low there will not be too much air passing through the bottom of the car. More air will pass through the car on top that will press the car down for better aerodynamic as well.

So, if you are about to go racing on Hot Wheels soon enough, consider looking for those cars mentioned earlier. Just in case that you cannot find one of the models of fastest Hot Wheels car above, try to consider the reasons that make Hot Wheels car goes fast and find one according to that.

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