Most valuable Hot Wheels listed here can be your consideration especially if you are a Hot Wheels collector. As a valuable car toy, those Hot Wheels are famous and most of collectors are trying to find it. Hopefully, by reading this information you know that there are Hot Wheels cars you are looking for.

1995 Collector Number 271

Just imagine that on the first release day, this Hot Wheel car was only packaged 12 pieces. Because of this limited edition, 1995 Collector Number 271 is also printed on the Blue Card. How about today? Is it possible to find this car toy today? Probably yes. It is predicted that there are still 6 1995 Collector Number 271 cars out there today. This classic version is also designed with single model. It means you can’t find any variation of it. As one of most valuable Hot Wheels, this toy is offered around $3.500 per pack today.

1970 Ed Shaver Custom AMX

This version is also a very rare version from Hot Wheels. The most interesting part is that this miniature is designed just like the real car. This is including the blue car and the accessories on the toy. If it is difficult to find this toy, it might you lucky to find its card. In fact, this model is also printed on the Exclusive Racing Car Series card. Due to the classic version, it might be hard to find and even if you find it, the price will be very expensive. It is predicted that 1970 Ed Shaver Custom AMX Hot Wheels will be sold around $4000 or even more. What a fantastic price for a car toy, isn’t it?

1970 model – the Mad Maverick Base – Mighty Maverick

Hot Wheels collectors are not only run after the model. The little secret is on the base of the model. When you see the base, you will see the term “Mad”. This is the original version before re released as Mighty Maverick. You can find two different colors blue and purple and also the unpainted version. It is very rare and the price is unknown. Probably, it becomes the most expensive Hot Wheels car ever.

So, what do you think about the list of Hot Wheels classic cars above? Which one of those cars you want to buy? At least, you know that your collection might be still incomplete, right. It will be fun and challenging enough if you can find one of those rare versions. Definitely, all of those toys are worth it enough to be included on the list of most valuable Hot Wheels.

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