Hi There Welcome back to atoyz.video, and now we got something special now we have super special collection of hot wheels, we have want to Unboxing Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special woohoo…

Unboxing Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special
Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special Favorites

Why this Hot Wheels set very Special

Why we call it special because this is 50th Hot Wheels Celebration, and all of them is contain 111 Cars of special hot wheels. This set also call HWC 50th Anniversary Master Set. Not all user can buy this item, only RLC Member (Red Line Club member) Hot wheels and HWC can buy this and as far as I know this item is also limited, and we like this series so much, therefore, we talk about this series 50th.

we super lucky got this set and also unboxing on our country, because when we write this article and check the store who sale this item just for check item availability , the store already say this item is out of stock.

Unboxing Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special
Unboxing Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special

List of 50th Hot Wheels Anniversary Special

Like we already say before, this Hot Wheels 50th Special is contain 111 cars with 11 theme you can have, and all of them is on super exclusive package with premium detail,  this below is the theme :

Unboxing Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special
Unboxing Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special Black & Gold Collection
  • Mainline Race Team Mini Collection
  • Throwback Collection:
  • Throwback 10-Pack:
  • Originals Collection:
  • Anniversary Favorites:
  • Track Stars 5-Pack:
  • Anniversary 10-Pack:
  • Black and Gold Collection:
  • ZAMAC Flames Collection:
  • Stars and Stripes Collection:
  • Camaro Collection

Beside that, on this package also contain special car that you will not get it regularly. On this Hot Wheels 50th master set special you also can get this :

  • 67 Camaro cheese car this car is in  black and gold edition
  • Bell air Gasser black special black color this car is in Favorite Edition, normal version is the ping color
  • Bone shaker Super Cheese Car This is from Race Team Mini Collection, for me this car is super special because this Bone Shaker is have quality of Super Treasure Hunt ( Rubber Tier and etc) but on card don’t have Super Treasure Hunt or Treasure Hunt Logo
  • Super Treasure Hunt 70 Ford Escord RS1600 this from race team mini collection
  • Zamac 2009 Ford F150 from Race Team Mini Collection

And Yes, all of them you can check on our channel AToyZ, because this iWe’re collet them all . In other words, you’re already have unboxing its a rare item we already unboxing Hot Wheels Special set and upload them all, thanks for you all subscriber that already support our channel and this blog, I hope we have another special item like this again to review and unboxing.

This below is full Videos of Special unboxing Hot Wheels 50th , enjoy and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. because this is very important to us.

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